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Automotive electronics

Automotive Market Maintains a Steady Pace

The electronic content in light vehicles is increasing, just one reason why the automotive market maintains a steady pace. Bishop tracks 12 companies in the automotive market sector. This market has had slow, steady growth over the last four quarters, as measured by these 12 companies’ revenues. In 2013, these companies grew 0.3% year over Read More >>

What’s Driving the Electric Vehicle Market?

First designed more than 100 years ago, electric cars are making a “comeback.” So what’s driving the electric vehicle market? Electric vehicles were all the rage 100 years ago. They were quiet, reliable, and did not require strenuous manual cranking or shifting. They ran 35 to 50 miles between recharges, with some able to run Read More >>

Facts and Figures

2013 Passenger Car Market Recap

2013 was a pretty good year for the automotive industry, based on sales of passenger cars. Here is Bishop & Associates’ 2013 passenger car market recap and what it means for the connector industry. 2013 was a pretty good year for the automotive industry based on sales of passenger cars (which does not include light Read More >>

Convergence in Self-Driving Vehicles

The latest automotive technology is sensor-based, but to make self-driving vehicles a reality, technology convergence is necessary. This article, based on research by KPMG, sheds light on what may be next in automotive connectors and other technology. This article is excerpted from a white paper published by KPMG. Can we build a safe, self-driving vehicle? Read More >>

Molex Vertical DuraKlik

Molex Vertical DuraClik for Automotive

The Molex vertical DuraClik for automotive on-board instrumentation is a range of 2.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors available in two- to 12-circuit sizes. Molex Incorporated has released a vertical configuration version of its DuraClik 2.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors. The new vertical DuraClik connector is designed for on-board automotive instrumentation, including steering wheels, shift levers, wiper/blinker levers, Read More >>

Automotive Market Accelerates

The Auto Industry – Hitting on All Cylinders

September 2013 – In the automotive connector market, the Top 10 manufacturers of connectors used in automotive applications account for 94% of sales. This is primarily because the large tier one and tier two OEMs purchase from connector companies that offer broad product offerings, leading-edge technology, and significant value-added programs.

Tangling with Industrial Robots

The Robotic Age is Here – Industrial Robot Market Statistics

September 2013 – Industrial robots are a common sight on the factory floor, particularly in automotive markets. They offer high-precision handling and speed, and reduce operator risk, such as worker exposure to hazardous materials, and to production dangers in general. In the near future, industrial robots will include those that cooperate with humans, instead of replacing them. This will open up new potential for utilizing robots in factories and in the agricultural market, as well as for domestic purposes.