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Delphi Makes Strategic Investments to Enhance New Mobility, Connectivity Capabilities

Delphi partners with otonomo, Valens, and Rosenberger to boost high-speed data and services for connected cars   Delphi announced three separate strategic agreements with leading technology companies to enhance capabilities in high-speed signal and power distribution and data management for automakers. These partnerships will help the company move data faster, throughout the vehicle, and connect Read More >>

Vehicles Rely on FAKRA Connectors to Assure Performance

Today’s FAKRA connectors perform up to 6GHz and meet the rugged mechanical and environmental requirements of the automotive industry.   Higher Frequency RF Adds to System Complexity Vehicles are incorporating an ever-increasing amount of telecommunications technology, ranging from data I/O to safety systems, that involves wireless connectivity for cellular, short range, and broadcast capabilities. These Read More >>

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Current Trends in Automotive Interconnects

Reliability, integration, and automation are three of the top trends currently driving the development of next-gen automotive interconnects.   Next-Gen Automotive Interconnects Reliability Proven contact technology in automotive applications is mission critical. Cold-welded connections to a PCB will assure continuous gas-tight interfaces in even the harshest automotive and transportation environments. Press-fit or compliant pin contacts Read More >>

Automotive Connectors Roar

Connectors associated with automotive applications have recently been a bright spot in the overall connector market, but are likely at the early stage of an incredible growth curve. Bishop & Associates recently reported the global connector market grew 4.1% in 2016 over 2015, while the automotive connector segment expanded by 8.1%, totaling nearly $13 billion Read More >>

Twisted pair Ethernet in automotive applications

Vehicle networking may change connector requirements

Huge growth in sensors is helping fuel a shift to Ethernet and other alternatives as a way to reduce the bulk of wiring harnesses. Connector demand should grow as more modules are added.   Vehicle Networking The number of sensors on passenger cars has exploded over the past few years, and there’s no sign of Read More >>

GM investments, robots may herald 2017 market growth

GM is investing $1 billion in US factories, possibly foretelling a strong market for industrial products. Record setting robot sales also portend growth for connector makers that focus on the severe demands for ruggedized components.   A General Motors plan to invest $1 billion in its US factories may herald an expansion in manufacturing. The Read More >>

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Connector Manufacturers Connect to Sensors

The marriage of high-reliability connectors and sensors brings a new facet of connectivity to the interconnect industry.   Connector Manufacturers Connect to Sensors The physical and digital worlds are merging and sensors of all types are on the front line of that evolution. The emerging Internet of Things is essentially a network of connected sensors Read More >>

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New Standard Brings High-Speed Ethernet to Automotive Applications

Recent approval of the IEEE 802.3bp standard offers efficiencies for reducing the weight and cost of interconnections to support communication among an ever-growing roster of automotive subsystems.   While advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and infotainment systems have been touted to automotive consumers for quite some time, automotive electronic engineers have been saddled with adapting Read More >>

Can Wi-Fi and Cellular End Traffic Accidents?

The US DOT is investing heavily in projects like the South Carolina Connected Vehicle Testbed to realize projections of dramatic safety increases that come with a connected infrastructure combined with autonomous car technology.   In 2015, the National Science Foundation (NSF) noted that by the end of the decade, it is likely that the US Read More >>

Connector Innovation in Autosport

Racing engineers always request solutions that bend the laws of physics, but that’s what makes working in the industry such a challenge. By its very nature, autosport is not an industry that stands still; just when you think you know what’s happening, a new technology appears and it all moves forward again. Autosport has brought Read More >>