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Inter-Vehicle Jumper Systems for Rail Transport

Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must withstand a diverse array of electrical, mechanical, and climatic conditions. Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must be capable of withstanding a diverse array of conditions, so the system’s design must consider the flow of current and the resulting heating, vibration, bending, and torsion, as well as ambient temperature, ballast strikes, weathering, Read More >>


FCI Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable Supports Plug-and-Play Operations

FCI Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable is a four-channel cable with low-power optical components. The FCI Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable (MSHD AOC) assembly is the latest addition to the supplier’s portfolio of optical and electrical cabling solutions. The MSHD AOC solution is a four-channel cable that features low-power optical components with an average of Read More >>

Hendrix DUAL BLOCK for Underground Cable

Hendrix DUAL BLOCK for Underground Cable

The Hendrix DUAL BLOCK for underground cable prevents water from entering the cable core. Hendrix/Kerite Cable announced its DUAL BLOCK product. The Hendrix DUAL BLOCK for underground cable provides a dual water-blocking capability on Hendrix primary, underground cable. Water can be detrimental to life expectancy in primary cable, as it can lead to premature failure Read More >>

Design Parameters for Custom Coil Cords

Consider these design parameters for custom coil cords to ensure a successful application. To work well, each coiled cable design requires a special bulk cord design. Computerized design methods ensure attention to the fine details so your product works properly. Performance limits for coiled cables are controlled by the width of the coil and the elasticity Read More >>

A Quick Coil Cord Primer

This quick coil cord primer explains when to use coil cords and what to look for when you’re choosing products for your applications. Durability, low force-to-extend, excellent retractile memory, and high flex life are all important customer requirements for coil cords. From 12 AWG to very-fine-wire 38 AWG and tinsel, coiled cords are manufactured in single- Read More >>

The Cabled Backplane Challenge

The Cabled Backplane Challenge

December 2013 – Has the traditional PCB backplane approach reached its data speed limits? Many in the electronic manufacturing industry think so, and search for an alternate means to achieve data rates and throughput that will take us into the next generation of information technology. High-speed cable technology may be the answer.