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CS 09.01.15

Wearables meet fashion

Tech Meets Fashion at TE’s Wearables Lab

As consumers try to warm up to Google Glass, Apple’s iWatch, and their Fitbit wristbands, TE unveils its latest “collection”: A Silicon Valley-based incubator team to enable the next generation of wearable devices.   Nicholas Langston, Jr., insists he’s the luckiest guy you’ll ever meet. Langston heads up TE Connectivity’s Wearables Lab in Menlo Park, Calif., Read More >>

Military Wearables Enhance Soldier Capabilities

Military wearables enhance soldier capabilities, but the next generation of battlefield equipment will require an evolution in connector technology.   New wearables, including augmented reality technology and devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), will not (yet) make the new soldier or airman look like Iron Man, although “Iron Man Suit” is the nickname used Read More >>

medical wearables

Interconnect Technologies for Medical and Fitness Wearables

Building on the success of smartphones and other mobile consumer devices, medical device manufacturers continue to improve on portable and wearable monitoring devices. What does this mean for interconnect designs?   Designed to be worn on the body or attached to clothing, wearable electronic devices, also known as wearables, integrate biosensors that detect physiological markers. Healthcare Read More >>

Era of smart wearables

The Era of Smart Wearables is Coming

Connectivity will be key to expanding the world of wearables in the future.   The world of technology is going through another transformation. We went from mainframes to desktop PCs in about two decades; from desktops to laptop PCs in one; and from laptops to smartphones and tablets in less than that. Another revolution is Read More >>

High-speed i/o connectors

How to Specify High-Transmission I/O Connectors

Today’s requirements for input/output connectors demand smaller size and faster data transmission. Hirose advises designers on how to specify high-transmission I/O connectors by looking at a multitude of requirements and trade-offs.   An I/O connector is an interconnect that joins a circuit from inside to the outside of electronic equipment. I/O interconnects are used to connect data, Read More >>

News Briefs

News Briefs for September 1, 2015

For the latest information on awards, conferences, appointments, and other achievements, take a look at the news briefs for September 1, 2015. Bishop & Associates Inc. launched its new, re-designed company website, which offers visitors an appealing user interface along with seamless and simple navigation features. The homepage prominently highlights Bishop’s latest research reports with Read More >>

Binder M12 SMT Connectors

Binder M12 SMT Connectors

The Binder M12 SMT connectors can be soldered directly to the PCB surface to reduce assembly time. Binder-USA announced an addition to its M12 line of connector products that features SMT termination. The recently developed SMT receptacle can be soldered directly to the surface of the printed circuit board to better adapt to a variety of applications Read More >>

Weidmuller’s PZ 10 HEX and PZ 10 SQR Crimping Tools

Weidmuller’s PZ 10 HEX and PZ 10 SQR Crimping Tools

Weidmuller’s new crimping tools provide precise results for secure connections. Weidmuller introduces two new high-quality, self-adjusting crimping tools, the PZ 10 HEX for hex-shape crimps and the PZ 10 SQR for square-shape crimps. These new crimp tools create stable electrical crimped connections that meet the requirements of DIN 41641-1 for solderless crimping and exceed the Read More >>

WAGO Three-Conductor Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Block

WAGO Three-Conductor Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Block

The WAGO three-conductor fuse and disconnect terminal block, which allows a second conductor to be connected to the field side, expands the TOPJOB S family.  WAGO introduced the industry’s only pivot-style fuse terminal blocks in a three-conductor variant. The newest addition to the TOPJOB S family allows a second conductor to be connected on the field Read More >>

Molex TermiMate One-Circuit Connector for LEDs

Molex TermiMate One-Circuit Connector for LEDs

Molex TermiMate one-circuit connector for LEDs minimizes shadowing and offers space and cost savings.    Molex Incorporated introduced the new TermiMate one-circuit terminal-style connector system. Designed to minimize the shadowing effect in LED lights and TV backlighting applications, the ultra-low-profile TermiMate coplanar board-to-board and wire-to-board connector reduces component and assembly costs for manufacturers. “In LED applications, Read More >>

Amphenol RF 75-Ohm Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF 75-Ohm Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF expands its coaxial cable assembly offering with new 75-Ohm cable assemblies specifically designed for broadcast connectivity. Amphenol RF introduced more than 200 new pre-configured cable assembly configurations to the broadcast market. These cable assemblies feature true 75-Ohm performance to ensure low signal distortion and flawless broadcast transmission. The new 75-Ohm cable assemblies are available in Read More >>