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Auto circle

Developing Custom Connectors for the Automotive Market

Although there are dozens of standard, off-the-shelf automotive connectors deployed in each new vehicle, the recent integration of evolved electronics in automotive designs has resulted in a rapidly growing population of custom connectors that make complex electric systems communicate effectively.   What we once thought was leading-edge technology is now common in our everyday lives. Take Read More >>

Custom circular connectors

How to Specify Custom Circular Connectors

With even the most common applications constantly evolving, specialized connector designs are required on a regular basis. Here, AMETEK explains the process of how to specify custom circular connectors.   Considering the connector industry’s global sales of more than $50 billion, you would be excused for thinking that a connector design exists for every conceivable application. However, the competitive nature of the Read More >>

Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) assemblies and harnesses

Molex’s Customized POF Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

Molex’s customized POF cable assemblies and harnesses are rugged, cost-effective solutions that offer maximum flexibility for optical cabling applications. Molex launched its fully customizable Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) assemblies and harnesses designed to offer a rugged and cost-effective solution to provide maximum flexibility for optical cabling in a vast number of industrial, medical, transportation, renewable energy, smart grid, Read More >>

Custom vs Off-the-shelf medical connectors

Custom or Off-the-Shelf Medical Connectors?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding between custom or off-the-shelf medical connectors, and the pros and cons of each might surprise you. When designing a new medical device, one of the decisions manufacturers face is choosing a connector and mating receptacle. For some applications, a standard (or off-the-shelf) connector is a viable Read More >>