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Top Technology Trends and Disruptions for 2019

A new wave of technologies including e-mobility, Industry 4.0, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality will bring about big changes to society. The technology trends we are watching with great anticipation in 2019 isn’t a cool new device or a smaller, faster, better version of something we’ve seen before. It’s not a trip to Read More >>

High-Speed Connector & Cable Product Roundup

This week’s product roundup features high-performance, high-speed solutions from leading connector and cable assembly suppliers. High-Speed Connector & Cable Products Samtec’s SEARAY™ high-speed, high-density, open-pin-field arrays offer enhanced design flexibility with stack heights spanning 7–18.5mm and compatibility with a variety of high-speed protocols and standards. Rated for speeds up to 56Gb/s PAM4 and 28Gb/s NRZ, Read More >>

Power connector products roundup

Power Connector Product Roundup

This week’s product roundup highlights some of the most rugged and reliable power connectors available on today’s market. Power Connector Roundup Nicomatic’s CMM Micro lightweight, rectangular connectors are designed to meet or exceed the electrical and mechanical performance requirements for the MIL-DTL-55302F and BS-9525-F0033 standards, and allow for more than 20 million arrangements of high-power, Read More >>

High-Speed Connector Roundup

Check out this week’s product roundup for information about some of the industry’s latest and greatest high-speed connector solutions. High-Speed Connector Roundup TE Connectivity’s 56-position press-fit stacking connectors deliver 10Gb/s signaling in high-density packaging with a footprint that matches VPX daughtercard layouts to achieve reliable, low-noise, gas-tight connections. Designed for rugged, high-speed applications, including military Read More >>

Hot-Swappable SMC Connector Family Adds Late Mate Contacts

ERNI Electronics has extended its SMC connector family in a 1.27mm pitch with hot-swappable variants. These connector versions feature late mate contacts to permit reliable system swapping during operation and/or with applied electric voltage in industrial applications or in cars. With “hot swapping/hot plugging,” the electronics are reliably protected by following a defined sequence of Read More >>

ERNI ERmet ZDpro High-Speed Connectors

ERNI ERmet ZDpro High-Speed Connectors

The ERNI ERmet ZDpro high-speed connectors support 100G ATCA systems. ERNI Electronics’ ERmet ZDpro connectors expand the manufacturer’s ERmet ZD family. This high-speed differential hard metric connector system enables data rates of >25Gb/s and is the first connector system that meets the requirements for 100G ATCA technology. The high data rates and the improved transmission behavior are mainly Read More >>

News Briefs

News Briefs for June 16, 2015

For more information on new facilities, awards, learning tools, and 100G performance, check out the news briefs for June 16, 2015. Mouser Electronics has received the esteemed NorthFace ScoreBoard Award (NFSB) from Omega Management Group for the third straight year in recognition of Mouser’s excellence in global customer service and support. As it was in Read More >>

News Briefs

News Briefs for April 14, 2015

Promotion, acquisition, second-source agreement, and technological achievement announcements lead the news briefs for April 14, 2015. Molex announced the expansion of its fiber optic technology platform following the recent acquisition of Oplink Communications. A wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Molex will now manage Oplink, a leading provider of optical communication components, intelligent modules, and Read More >>

News Briefs

News Briefs for February 10, 2015

For the latest connector and cable industry announcements check out the news briefs for February 10, 2015. The WHMA Wire Harness Conference has announced details about the upcoming conference’s Best Practice Roundtables. On Friday, February 20, from 10 a.m. to noon, attendees can select from six topics for three 40-minute rounds of discussions. Topics include Read More >>

ERNI MicroSpeed Triple connector provides three contact rows

ERNI MicroSpeed Triple Connector

The ERNI MicroSpeed Triple connector provides three contact rows and data rates up to 25Gb/s. ERNI Electronics expanded its popular MicroSpeed high-speed connector family with three-row versions. The shielded connector family with 1mm pitch enables high-speed data applications with up to 25Gb/s. The new connectors are ideal for next-generation communication standards like Ethernet 100 Gbps (IEEE 802.3ba), Read More >>


ERNI Electronics High-Density ERmet ZDHD

The ERNI Electronics high-density ERmet ZDHD expands the supplier’s high-speed connector portfolio with a system that supports data rates up to 25Gb/s. ERNI Electronics’ ERmet ZDHD family is a high-density, high-speed connector system that supports data rates up to 25Gb/s. The ERmet ZDHD connectors can be combined to build a 100Gb/s system (with four 25Gb/s channels according to the IEEE Read More >>

ERNI 85 Ohm Right-Angle PCIe Connector

ERNI 85 Ohm Right-Angle PCIe Connector

The ERNI 85 Ohm right-angle PCIe connector solves space constraint problems and provides design flexibility. ERNI extended its existing 100 Ohm PCIe product family. This newest 85 Ohm right-angle PCI Express connector series provides design flexibility and significant space savings where low clearance above the PCB prohibits the use of vertical configurations. The card-edge connectors Read More >>