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Gettin’ Down on the Show Floor: DesignCon 2016

The DesignCon show floor opens today, so we spoke with some of the exhibitors to find out what they expect will be the hot technologies in this year’s Expo Hall.   Did you enjoy your workshops and survive your bootcamps? Well, slip on your walking shoes because the DesignCon show floor opens today, and there is so much Read More >>

FCI PwrMAX Ortho Power Connectors

FCI PwrMAX Ortho Power Connectors

The FCI PwrMAX Ortho power connectors are designed for orthogonal system packaging architectures. FCI expanded its power connector family to include the PwrMAX Ortho power connectors, which are designed to support orthogonal system packaging architectures in data center equipment. This architecture can offer improved data transfer and improved system cooling by eliminating midplane circuit boards. PwrMAX Ortho power connectors can be Read More >>

Optical connectors

Embedded Optical Engines Find Their Niche

Demand for higher data rates, panel density, and practical channel lengths with acceptable signal integrity have put pressure on copper connectivity to deliver the most practical solution. Embedded optical transceiver technology emerges to address this need.   Copper circuits still rule the high-speed electronic world, but optical alternatives continue to chip away at that dominance in niche Read More >>

FCI Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm Crimp-to-Wire Connector

The FCI Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm crimp-to-wire connector enables contact pitch compatibility with the LV214 Severity-2 standard. FCI announced the Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm Crimp-to-Wire (CtW) connector, which enables contact pitch compatibility with the LV214 Severity-2 standard. Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm connectors are ideal when high vibration endurance is required. The design features primary and secondary contact retention, Poka-yoke polarization, and Read More >>

FCI BarGuide Power Connectors

FCI BarGuide Power Connectors

The FCI BarGuide Power Connectors provide high-power distribution in high-density packaging. FCI released the BarGuide Power Connectors, which were developed to meet the ever-evolving demands for high-power distribution in high-density packaging. They provide high amperage connections between busbars and circuit boards. BarGuide connectors provide a current-carrying capability from 60 – 250A, based on specific pin sizes. They Read More >>

Connector Technology Fuels Growth in Embedded Computing

The latest connector technology fuels growth in embedded computing as system efficiency is a critical component for today’s embedded industry.   Regardless of the modern mobile application in question, whether it be fleet management of agricultural machines, passenger information in buses or video surveillance of trains, the trend is clear – system efficiency is a Read More >>

How to series

How to Specify High-Speed Backplane Connectors

FCI’s Stephen Smith explains how to specify high-speed backplane connectors so your system will work now as serial data rates increase to beyond 25Gb/s, as well as into the future.    Despite the dire predictions of folks in the optical camp, armies of copper users continue to design systems that can transmit information at data Read More >>

FCI SFP+ Active Optical Cable

FCI SFP+ Active Optical Cable

FCI SFP+ Active Optical Cable is a new generation of low-power AOC that is compliant with 10Gb Ethernet and Fiber Channel signal transmission protocols. FCI has introduced its SFP+ Active Optical Cable (AOC). This new generation of low-power AOC is fully compatible with the SFF-8431 industry standard, plug-compatible with SFP+ hardware ports, and compliant with 10Gb Ethernet and Read More >>

FCI Leap On-Board Transceiver

FCI’s New 25Gb/s Optical On-Board Transceiver

FCI’s new 25Gb/s optical on-board transceiver, just one square inch in size, features 12 transmit and 12 receive channels. FCI has released the Leap On-board-Transceiver (OBT) system. The one-square-inch board-mounted optical module features 12 transmit and 12 receive channels, each working at 25Gb/s over distances up to 100m with a total of 300Gb/s throughput. The OBT Read More >>

FCI 2mm Hardmetric Millipacs Series

FCI 2mm Hardmetric Millipacs High-Speed Series

The FCI 2mm Hardmetric Millipacs High-Speed series was developed for 10Gb/s applications. FCI has launched the high-speed version of its Millipacs series connector. The Millipacs series 2mm hardmetric (HM) backplane connector is used extensively for applications that require data rates up to 2.5Gb/s. FCI developed a new Millipacs high-speed (HS), right-angle receptacle connector suitable for data Read More >>

FCI PwrBlade Cable Connectors

FCI PwrBlade+ Cable Connectors

FCI PwrBlade+ cable connectors terminate the widest range of wires in one housing. FCI released its PwrBlade+ cable connectors, which are rated at 60A per contact and capable of terminating the widest range of wires in one housing (26AWG to 6AWG). The PwrBlade+ cable connectors offer flexibility to meet a wide variety of customer needs. The Read More >>

2015 technologies to watch

Connector Technologies To Watch in 2015

By Bob Hult and John MacWilliams, Bishop & Associates   Advances in photonics, signal integrity, chip integration, and high-performance materials are enabling entirely new classes of electronic equipment. Bob Hult and John MacWilliams kick off the new year with a look at connector technologies to watch in 2015. The pace of change in the electronics Read More >>