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HARTING M12 Push-Pull Connector for Tool-Free Installation

HARTING M12 Push-Pull Connector for Tool-Free Installation

The HARTING M12 push-pull connector for tool-free installation accelerates installation in tight spaces.  HARTING’s new M12 push-pull connector enables a much higher density of connections on a device. Additionally, the connector can be mounted without tools, by hand, thus accelerating the installation in tight spaces. The M12 push-pull unthreaded locking solution can be plugged rapidly and securely, indicating correct Read More >>


Interfaces for Modular Machine Design

Technological developments in today’s industrial environments require modular systems. HARTING’s Jakob Dück examines suitable interfaces for modular machine design.   After cloud computing comes cloud production. This development has significantly impacted machine construction; there is a need for highly flexible, quickly implementable production machines and lines that are fail-safe and can be cost-effectively mass-produced. The goal is to manufacture the Read More >>

Computer tomography

Computer Tomography for Development and Process Optimization

Three-dimensional digital models of components created with the help of a computer tomograph enable targeted process optimization of injection molding and high-pressure die-casting processes.   Computer tomography is an X-ray-based procedure in which the test object is scanned from different angles. The test object is positioned on a turntable between an X-ray source and a Read More >>

HARTING DIN 41612 Type 3Q/3R Connectors

HARTING DIN 41612 Type 3Q/3R Connectors

HARTING DIN 41612 Type 3Q/3R connectors, even more compact and just as rugged, are ideal for use with downsized circuit boards. HARTING now offers male connectors with the new 3Q and 3R designs per DIN 41612. All are available with or without flanges, which can further reduce the space requirement. The new male connectors in build type Read More >>

HARTING Han-Modular Hinge-Framed HMC

HARTING Han-Modular Hinge-Framed HMC

The HARTING Han-Modular Hinge-Framed HMC enables the integration of Han-Modular components into HMC connectors. The increasing modularization of industrial production facilities and the rise in mobile equipment required has resulted in growing demand for connectors capable of high mating cycles (HMC). HARTING‘s new Han-Modular Hinged-frame HMC now enables the integration of Han-Modular components into HMC connectors. The new Han-Modular Hinged-frame HMC is Read More >>


HARTING Posted the Highest Revenues in Its History

Driven by developments for Industry 4.0 and a clear growth strategy, HARTING posted the highest revenues in its history. The HARTING Technology Group starts the 2014-15 fiscal year with a strong tailwind, as revenues rose during the past 2013-14 fiscal year (October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014) by 13% to €547 million, the highest revenues in Read More >>

HARTING M12 PushPull Connector for Railway Industry

HARTING M12 PushPull Connector for Railway Industry

The HARTING M12 PushPull connector is easy to handle and has low spatial requirements. HARTING responded to the railway industry’s need for lower-current systems by developing the M12 PushPull connector. The safety demands made on train technology have also resulted in a need for connectors that are easy to handle and service-friendly. A high level of vibration resistance Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: 2014 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers Overall

Bishop & Associates’ 2014 Customer Survey has been tallied and the 2014 top 10 suppliers for quality, pricing, delivery, and more have been chosen. Read on to see the top 10 suppliers overall as chosen by their customers.  Bishop & Associates just completed the 2014 Customer Survey of the Connector Industry, in which connector users Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: Best Connector Suppliers for Quality Products

Bishop & Associates completed its annual customer survey rating 46 connector manufacturers. In this issue, customers select the best connector suppliers for quality products. Bishop & Associates just completed a customer survey of connector users to evaluate 46 connector manufacturers. A total of 455 of your peers answered 20 questions relating to important issues such as Read More >>

HARTING har-flexicon Family

HARTING har-flexicon Connectors and Terminal Blocks

HARTING har-flexicon connectors and terminal blocks deliver greater PCB performance and density with robust connectivity.  HARTING unveiled its har-flexicon series of discrete wire-to-board connectors and terminal blocks, which deliver greater PCB performance and density with robust connectivity. These miniature components offer design and manufacturing flexibility, for any termination technology, that make possible a lower all-in cost Read More >>

Condition-Based Maintenance Secures the Flow of Goods

High availability and the reliability of rolling stock comprise the basic requirements for modern rail freight. HARTING is researching solutions for condition-based maintenance strategies. The long history of sustained, strong growth in global trade correlates to a continued increase in the flow of goods in the future. Despite political advocacy and a broad range of Read More >>