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Evolution of circular connectors

The Evolution of Circular Connectors

To meet the need for higher-speed data collection, transmission, and storage, circular connectors are downsizing to serve changes in instrument and product designs. Omnetics’ Bob Stanton traces the evolution of circular connectors, and forecasts future developments in high-speed systems.   Today’s electronic circuitry is changing rapidly to meet our demand for higher-speed data collection, transmission, and Read More >>

optical cable

Active Optical Cables Go the Distance

One solution to the signal integrity and reach issues in copper cabling is the use of active copper cable assemblies. Bob Hult takes a look at today’s technology and where it could lead the industry.   The long predicted demise of high-speed copper cables continues to be delayed/frustrated by continuing improvements in the technology of data transmission. Read More >>

Belden Active Optical Cables

How to Specify Industrial Fiber Optic Cable

Ensure optimal performance in demanding environments with these tips on how to specify industrial fiber optic cable from Kyle Mrkva of Belden.   Fiber optic cabling is applicable in any industrial environment where high-speed, high-bandwidth data solutions are needed. It can be used for campus and in-building data backbones to anchor an operation’s Ethernet, and Read More >>

ODU AMC high-density connector

Military High-Speed Data Connector Requirements

The need for high-speed connections has expanded from office environments to remote and sometimes outdoor implementations, including those for the military. Here, ODU looks at the rugged high-speed data connector requirements to consider for such applications.   We’re all familiar with the types of connectors required to transfer high-speed data in our everyday lives, whether we Read More >>

How to series

How to Specify High-Speed Backplane Connectors

FCI’s Stephen Smith explains how to specify high-speed backplane connectors so your system will work now as serial data rates increase to beyond 25Gb/s, as well as into the future.    Despite the dire predictions of folks in the optical camp, armies of copper users continue to design systems that can transmit information at data Read More >>

DesignCon ChipHead

DesignCon 2015 Wrap-Up

DesignCon celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and Bob Hult was there to report on the newest developments in high-speed connector technology.   DesignCon 2015 celebrated its 20th anniversary as the premier showcase for high-speed chip, connector, and PCB board technology. More than 170 technical sessions organized in 14 conference tracks and three keynote addresses provided attendees with the latest Read More >>

FCI 2mm Hardmetric Millipacs Series

FCI 2mm Hardmetric Millipacs High-Speed Series

The FCI 2mm Hardmetric Millipacs High-Speed series was developed for 10Gb/s applications. FCI has launched the high-speed version of its Millipacs series connector. The Millipacs series 2mm hardmetric (HM) backplane connector is used extensively for applications that require data rates up to 2.5Gb/s. FCI developed a new Millipacs high-speed (HS), right-angle receptacle connector suitable for data Read More >>

Overcoming High-Speed Interconnect Challenges with VNAs

Cloud computing, smart phones, and LTE services are causing a significant increase in network traffic, as well as bottlenecks in high-end services in data centers. Jon Martens and Bob Buxton of Anritsu explain how to overcome high-speed interconnect challenges with vector network analyzers. Cloud computing, smartphones, and LTE services have caused a significant increase in network Read More >>

Beware the I/O Bottleneck

It makes little difference what a computer’s computational capability may be if the I/O port is unable to keep up with the processor. Bob Hult looks at developments in high-speed I/O applications, and warns system designers to beware the I/O bottleneck. Similar to a crowded freeway, the throughput of any system is limited by its tightest constriction: Read More >>

Julian Ferry, Samtec

Q&A: Samtec on Signal Integrity

Recently we spoke to Julian Ferry, high-speed R&D manager at Samtec, to learn more about the latest developments in high-speed interconnects, which applications are driving them, and how Samtec is meeting the challenges. Read on for more from Samtec on signal integrity. CS: What are the primary applications in which system designers would look to high-speed Read More >>

Connector Challenges for High-Speed Serial Link Applications

As data rates increase, the bandwidth of signals increases and its rise time decreases. ALL signal integrity problems get worse with higher signal bandwidth and shorter rise time. Here, Dr. Eric Bogatin examines the connector challenges for high-speed serial link applications. Thanks in part to Netflix and YouTube, which together comprise as much as 50% of Read More >>

TE Mezalok Family for Rugged Applications

TE Expands Mezalock Line of Connectors

Additions to the Mezalok line of connectors offer more design flexibility with new stack height and pin density options. TE Connectivity has extended its rugged, high-speed Mezalok mezzanine connector family. The new extensions include a stack height of 15mm and a new 320-position size, which fill a height gap and add additional pin density. The Read More >>