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Rectangular IO Roundup

Rectangular I/O Connector Products

This week’s product roundup highlights some of the most compact, reliable, rugged, and versatile rectangular I/O connectors currently available on the market. Rectangular I/O Connector Products Amphenol Pcd’s SOLARIS Series rectangular I/O connectors are compact, low profile (<0.5”), lightweight, easy to use, and available with either pins or sockets. Ideal for low- and medium-power applications, Read More >>


Changing Health Tech with MEMS I/O Connectors

MEMS I/O connectors will dramatically change medical technology in 2016 as more patients require treatment both on-site and remotely.   The face of healthcare, as we know it, is changing. Rising costs combined with a substantial increase in healthcare monitoring are forcing a paradigm shift like we have never seen before. While patient care is Read More >>

High-speed i/o connectors

How to Specify High-Transmission I/O Connectors

Today’s requirements for input/output connectors demand smaller size and faster data transmission. Hirose advises designers on how to specify high-transmission I/O connectors by looking at a multitude of requirements and trade-offs.   An I/O connector is an interconnect that joins a circuit from inside to the outside of electronic equipment. I/O interconnects are used to connect data, Read More >>

advanced backplane connectors

How to Increase Speed and Efficiency in Data Centers

Cloud computing and bandwidth-intensive applications have made the data center more important than ever, and managers want to squeeze every last bit of performance out of its architecture, even down to the connector level.   In today’s environment, data centers are gaining importance due to the trend of outsourcing access to data (through the Cloud) while continuously supporting bandwidth-intensive applications Read More >>

Hirose I/O Connector for Cable and Docking Stations

Hirose I/O Connector for Cable and Docking Stations

The Hirose I/O connector for cable and docking stations features a unique contact structure that offers 20,000 mating cycles. Hirose now offers a rugged I/O connector that combines small size and light weight with high reliability and long operating life. The compact 3800 Series I/O connector is designed for cable and docking station applications within Read More >>

2014 Connector Technology Review

The connector industry grew in 2014, and that was a result of both evolving product lines and cutting-edge technology. Here, Bob Hult looks back at the year’s trends and products in the annual 2014 Connector Technology Review. Shrinking the size of electronic devices has always been a given in the world of electronic equipment. The Read More >>

Yamaichi FAKRA HSD connectors

Yamaichi FAKRA and HSD Connectors

The Yamaichi FAKRA and HSD connectors portfolio for automotive applications has added a standard I/O series to its product lines. FAKRA connectors are coaxial high-frequency connectors that meet the requirements of DIN20860 and USCAR 17 and 18. They are used in the transmission of a variety of signals, such as shortwave, mobile telephony, GPS, or telematics Read More >>