Amphenol LTW SSL 1.3 Bridge

The Amphenol LTW SSL 1.3 Bridge, developed for lighting applications, features the lowest-profile jumper connector on the market. The Amphenol LTW SSL 1.3 Bridge is used for electrical connection between twoRead More

SOURIAU UTL Power+Control Connector

The SOURIAU UTL Power+Control connector is designed for luminaires and urban lighting systems. The UTL Power+Control connector series from Esterline Connection Technologies – SOURIAU, is designed for luminaires and urbanRead More

TE Low-Profile Hermaphroditic Connectors

The new TE hermaphroditic connectors are low-profile board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors that are ideal for lighting applications. TE announced its low-profile, surface-mount technology (SMT), miniature hermaphroditic connectors. The connectors are designedRead More

TE SMT Releasable Poke-In Wire Connector

The TE SMT releasable poke-in wire connector simplifies field installation and is ideal for lighting applications. TE Connectivity announced its new low-profile, surface-mount technology (SMT) releasable poke-in wire connectors. Addressing the trend forRead More

JST ADH Series for High-Density LEDs

The JST ADH Series of crimp-style, wire-to-board, subminiature connectors are ideal for high-density LED applications. JST‘s new ADH Series wire-to-board, crimp-style, disconnectable connectors offer subminiature size, design flexibility, and reliable contactRead More

TE LUMAWISE Zhaga-Compliant LED Holder

The TE LUMAWISE Zhaga-compliant LED holder offers solderless and snap-in features that simplify manufacturing and installation for lighting applications. TE Connectivity announced its new LUMAWISE Type Z50 LED holders. The holdersRead More

LED Arrays Light the Way

The real advantages of solid-state lighting are realized when lamp designers shake off limitations imposed by traditional lamps and take advantage of the low power, low heat, and low profilesRead More

JST LEH Series for LED Applications

JST LEH Series crimp-style, wire-to-board connectors provide a space-saving low profile for LED applications. The new LEH Series wire-to-board, crimp-style, disconnectable connector from JST offers engineers design flexibility with itsRead More