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ODU MAC Air and Fluid Modules

ODU-MAC Air and Fluid Modules

ODU-MAC now offers even better performance with higher flow rate and operating pressure via air and fluid modules. ODU now offers the entire compressed air and fluid range of ODU-MAC products with higher flow rates and/or high operating pressure. The new modules increase the flow rate for the compressed air valves by approximately 20%, while the operating pressure for the Read More >>

Stamped contacts

Five Things to Know About Precise Contacts for the Automotive Industry

Component requirements for the automotive market are demanding, diverse, and forward-looking. ODU shares five things to know about precise contacts for the automotive industry. The reliable transfer of power, signals, data, and media are achieved with interconnects across a wide range of demanding applications and markets. The requirements for the automotive industry, for example, are both diverse and Read More >>

ODU AMC high-density connector

Military High-Speed Data Connector Requirements

The need for high-speed connections has expanded from office environments to remote and sometimes outdoor implementations, including those for the military. Here, ODU looks at the rugged high-speed data connector requirements to consider for such applications.   We’re all familiar with the types of connectors required to transfer high-speed data in our everyday lives, whether we Read More >>

How to series

How to Specify Miniature and Subminiature Connectors for Military Applications

Developments in the global military market in recent years have resulted in re-engineered products and all-new technologies. Here, Günter Rohr of ODU offers advice on how to specify miniature and subminiature connectors for military applications.   There have been many new market developments and changes in the military and security sectors around the world in recent years. Read More >>