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Evolving Rail Designs Compete for Space

With new electronic technologies aimed at growing US rail ridership, physical limitations challenge system engineers to adopt greater flexibility in interconnection requirements.      Designers seeking new opportunities for competitive advantages in railway vehicles are constantly imposing greater demands on electrical and electronic system interconnections: Wi-Fi connectivity helps attract and retain ridership; infotainment screens enhance the rider Read More >>

Rail Infrastructure Shapes the Mobility of Tomorrow

Infrastructure shapes mobility and influences rolling stock in much the same way that new and better highways impacted automobile design. In this excerpt from a Nexans white paper, the authors explain the latest trends in rail infrastructure and what customers will expect from cable suppliers in the future.     Customer Expectations Infrastructure shapes mobility Read More >>

Rail station

Three Trends Driving Wireless Tech in the Railway Industry

The application possibilities of wireless technology in the railway industry are seemingly endless. An Industrial Ethernet network is inherently flexible and easily expandable, which makes it ideal for accommodating future trends in the transportation space.   Customer demand for a safe, entertaining, and enjoyable travel experience is dramatically increasing. Rail travelers today, whether riding on Read More >>

Inside Connection

Inside Connection: Liberty Electronics

Inside Connection highlights the technologies, innovations, special services, and unique products from connector suppliers like Liberty Electronics.  Headquarters Location: Franklin, Penn., US About the Company Liberty Electronics was founded in Franklin, Penn., in 1985. At the time, the local economy was struggling following the closing or departure of several large employers. The community rallied behind Read More >>

Train and cloud

On-Train Fiber Optic Connectivity

The railway industry still hesitates to make systematic use of fiber optic technology on board rolling stock. HUBER+SUHNER explains how recent advances in cable and connectors have made on-train fiber optic connectivity a reality.   Over the past few years, the emergence of Ethernet as an industry standard for communication on board trains has moved from concept Read More >>

Smiths Connectors Transformer Connector

Smiths Interconnect Transformer Connector

Smiths Connectors’ Transformer Connector allows engineers to tailor interconnect solutions to the demands of individual applications. Smiths Connectors launched its new Transformer Connector Range, an innovative family of high-density modular connectors that provides customers with an enhanced ability to tailor interconnect solutions to the demands and requirements of their individual application environments. One key market that the Read More >>

Facts & Figures for the Global Rail Industry Market

The global rail industry market for connectors is expected to yield an 8.0% CAGR through 2018, growing to an annual volume of $828.8 million. Europe, the largest component of the global rail industry market segment, with 48.8% of the total market, is repositioning itself for consistent expansion into its 2020 plan and beyond. A free Read More >>

Regenerative breaking

Regenerative Braking Systems in Rail Applications

Regenerative braking systems reclaim and store kinetic energy in a reusable manner. Conventional vehicle braking systems convert kinetic energy into heat via friction, wasting a great deal of energy potential. Regenerative braking systems reclaim and store this kinetic energy in a reusable manner. More and more modern electric drive vehicles, including locomotives, boast regenerative braking Read More >>