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Connector Companies Get Smarter, Faster With Acquisitions

Electronics companies are consolidating their expertise with acquisitions as new technologies become part of the connector ecosystem. When is a connector company more than a connector company? When it is also a wire and cable company, a sensor company, an antenna company, a transceiver and transponder company, and even, sometimes, a software company. As increasingly complex Read More >>

JAE’s DX07 Series USB Type-C connectors

USB Connector Products

This week’s Product Roundup highlights USB connector products from leading suppliers. JAE’s DX07 Series USB Type-C connectors feature a user-friendly reversible interface, high mechanical strength, a durable locking mechanism, and superior electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics, are rated for 10,000 mating cycles, and are compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gb/s SuperSpeed communication and power delivery Read More >>

Bandwidth Bottleneck at the I/O Panel

Processor and SerDes speeds continue to bump up, putting pressure on input/output connectors mounted on the faceplate. Like investors running to the exit when the market tanks, the I/O panel can quickly become a serious bottleneck that limits communication and slows the system. Computers and their users hate to sit idle while waiting for required Read More >>

Customization is Coming to Vehicle Interiors

Buyers can choose displays, lights, and infotainment elements, and use connectors to position them in the vehicles of the future. As consumers increasingly view cars as an extension of their home and workspaces, features that increase infotainment and productivity are becoming more important requirements. As a result, vehicle interiors are going to change a lot Read More >>

Compression Connector Product Roundup

This week’s product roundup highlights some of the highest-performance compression connector products currently available on the market. Compression Connector Products AVX Interconnect’s 9155-400 Series two-piece battery connectors have a 4mm pitch and a unique angled contact lead-in on both sides, which, unlike most other connectors in this category, allows pluggable devices to engage from either Read More >>

DesignCon ChipHead

DesignCon 2016 Technology Wrap-Up

DesignCon 2016 featured 33 interconnect manufacturers, all concentrating on ever-higher speeds and improved signal integrity.   DesignCon 2016 opened in the shadow of preparations for Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium, directly across the street from the Santa Clara Convention Center. With more than 160 exhibitors and 4,800 pre-registered attendees, the exposition and conference continues Read More >>

Featured news

Interconnect News for January 15, 2016

Catch up on the latest interconnect promotions, launches, and events in interconnect news for January 15, 2016.   Molex Invests in Breakthrough Wireless Power Platform Ossia announced a strategic investment by Molex that will help expand market access to the groundbreaking Cota wireless power technology by facilitating the development of new consumer and B2B products. Cota’s game-changing wireless power Read More >>

Samtec SEARAY 0.80mm-Pitch Ultra High-Density Array Cable Assemblies

Samtec SEARAY 0.80mm-Pitch Ultra High-Density Array Cable Assemblies

The Samtec SEARAY 0.80mm-pitch ultra high-density array cable assemblies provide performance up to 15 Gb/s with significant board space savings. Samtec’s SEARAY 0.80mm (.0315″) pitch ultra high-density array cable assemblies provide 50% board space savings compared to .050″ (1.27mm) pitch SEARAY systems. With performance to 15Gb/s and up to 300 total Edge Rate contacts, this Read More >>


Samtec SEARAY Press-Fit Right-Angle Socket Array

The Samtec SEARAY press-fit right-angle socket array provides increased design flexibility. Samtec’s family of SEARAY Open Pin Field Arrays has expanded to include a right-angle socket with press-fit terminations for increased design flexibility and high retention. This socket is a high-density solution for micro backplane applications with Samtec’s Edge Rate contact system optimized for signal Read More >>

News Briefs

News Briefs for October 20, 2015

For the latest announcements from the connector industry, check out the news briefs for October 20, 2015. Molex expanded its printed electronics portfolio with the recent acquisition of Minnesota-based Soligie Inc. Custom Soligie solutions provide a robust and economical alternative to a rigid printed circuit board (PCB) or copper flex circuits in sensor applications for Read More >>

Samtec SkyRay 150

Samtec SkyRay Elevated Array System

The Samtec SkyRay elevated array system supports 28+Gb/s applicaations as well as PCIe and XAUI specifications. Samtec’s newly released SkyRay elevated array system offers design flexibility and high-speed performance without sacrificing signal integrity. The high-speed system supports 28+Gb/s applications, as well as PCIe and XAUI specifications. SkyRay is a three-piece system consisting of one riser Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: 2015 European Customer Survey Results

Bishop & Associates recently completed its annual survey of the connector industry’s European customers; in the first of two articles, we announce the top companies overall as well as those who scored high for product quality.   Bishop & Associates just completed an annual survey of the European connector industry, in which it asked customers about Read More >>