TE Connectivity

Problem Solved: Opening Up Possibilities for the Robotics Industry

December 4, 2012 – When customers presented application challenges that weren’t met by traditional connector technology, TE Connectivity set out to develop a contactless technology that offered high performance with a low maintenance design. Here’s how TE solves problems faced by the robotics industry with its ARISO CONNECTLESS CONNECTIVITY.

TE Debuts Subminiature Connector

July 2012 – TE Connectivity recently released its Amplimite Ultra-Lite D-Subminiature connector, which it says is 15-20% lighter than its brass counterparts, offering a weight-saving solution for space applications Including satellites and launch vehicles.

TE Connectivity Releases C-Wrap Device

June 2012 — TE Connectivity recently launched its new C-Wrap side entry repair sleeve for use in aerospace, defense and marine applications. The repair sleeve delivers an environment resistant repair to damaged primary wire with nicks, chaffed and radial cracks, while providing superior long-term performance.