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Connectivity Solutions for Wind Energy Electronics

There’s no stopping the wind, so we may as well harvest it. By Amy Goetzman and Christine Stieglitz Wind farm installations continued to expand in 2017, with additional capacity added around the globe, notably in places like Texas, Turkey, France, the UK, and India. Wind energy contributed an annual €36 billion ($43 billion) to the Read More >>

Wind energy market

Facts & Figures: Wind Turbine Power Market Report

Hydroelectric power generation, the largest renewable energy source, supplied 16% of the worldwide electrical needs in 2012, but wind turbine energy is growing at a much faster pace. Read this wind turbine power market report for the details. Other than hydroelectric power plants, wind turbine power has become the largest renewable/green energy source in the Read More >>

Renewable Energy Sources: Power Up and Power Down

Renewable Energy Sources: Power Up and Power Down

November 2013 – As demand for power grows around the world, we’re seeing a growing shift towards clean, renewable energy resources, solar and wind in particular. But how is the renewables market weathering the economy?

Renewable Energy Sources: Power Up and Power Down

Renewable Energy – An Industry in Turmoil

May 21, 2013 – We have been besieged by stories of misfortune and turmoil in the solar and wind industry, caused by overcapacity, regulatory issues, US sequestration, bankruptcies, and the lure of other cheap energy solutions. While this news has been unsettling, it also indicates a healthy shakeout is coming to the renewable energy industry.

Shedding Light on Renewable Energy: Long-term Potential for Connectors

September 2012 – Jennifer Bieksha looks at the potential of the renewable energy market and how it is shaped by financial and regulatory policies. While investing in solar and wind power is the sensible solution to global energy issues, the technology challenges and the fluctuating economy could affect smart grid modernization.