The TE AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever connector system is designed for the harsh conditions in agricultural, construction, marine, and off-highway industries.

TE ConnectivityTE AMPSEAL 16 Hybrid Lever Connector System Industrial & Commercial Transportation released the AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever connector system. The heavy-duty, environmentally sealed AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever connectors are designed to stand up to the harsh conditions of the agricultural, construction, trucking, marine, and off-highway industries.

TE’s AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever connectors are 28-position connectors that feature a mix of 24 size-16 contacts and four size-12 contacts. The connectors incorporate a lever slide mechanism for easy mating and use mounting clips for quick and tool-free mounting. To help prevent mismating, two keying options are available. Thermoplastic wire covers are also available to provide a finished look and extra protection from the elements.

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