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TE’s Flexible Wire Bends Without Cracking or Wrinkling

TE’s Flexible Wire Bends Without Cracking or Wrinkling

TE’s Flexible Wire Bends Without Cracking or WrinklingTE Connectivity (TE) announces the new FDR25S wire. This flexible diesel-resistant power cable is designed for commercial and military aerospace, military ground systems, and military marine industries. The highly flexible wire helps the cable to be bent and routed in extremely tight areas while helping to prevent wrinkling and cracking of the insulation, which results in the ability to run shorter distances, reducing the stress on the contact and reducing the mating and de-mating forces normally associated with various connectors. Its ability to route in tight spaces may allow for a larger American Wire Gauge (AWG) size and eliminate the need to split power.

“FDR25S is among the most flexible power feeders we have seen in the market. It has excellent insulation properties,” said Carl Treadwell, product manager, TE Connectivity, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine. “The combination of the flexibility and durable radiation cross-linked insulation gives it an ideal balance of properties, allowing it to be what we think is a perfect candidate for installation in tight spaces in and around less forgivable objects in ground vehicles, engines, and aircraft.”

Able to withstand high-amperage and high-voltage conditions, the FDR25S wire is fluid- and arc-resistant, which includes resistance to diesel fluids, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, cleaning fluids, and deicing fluids. The wire is made with a polyester-based material and has tin-plated conductors that help prevent the oxidation of copper. These high-quality electrical and mechanical properties meet high-voltage and high-amperage requirements in a number of applications. The FDR25S wire’s thermal temperature operates between -55ºC and 125ºC. The wire offers stability for up to 168 hours at 150ºC and bends for four hours at -55ºC.

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