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TE Side-Entry Repair Sleeve Receives NSN for Military and Government Agencies

TE Side-Entry Repair Sleeve Receives NSN for Military and Government Agencies

TE Connectivity (TE) announced its new C-Wrap side-entry repair sleeve, for use in aerospace, defense, and marine applications, was issued a National Stocking Number (NSN) from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). NSNs are used by US military services, the Department of Defense (DoD), disposition services, federal agencies (such as GSA, FAA, DHS, etc.), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and many governments around the world. When added to a product label, the NSN indicates a review and approval for use within the military’s logistics supply chain.

TE’s C-Wrap device delivers a durable, environment-resistant repair to primary wire damaged with nicks, chafes, and radial cracks, while providing superior long-term performance. The repair sleeve was designed specifically to meet the requests of the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) community.

The C-Wrap device consists of two pieces — the outer tubing and adhesive — and is small in diameter and short in length, providing easy installation. With its wrap-around design, the repair sleeve eliminates the need to de-pin the connector for repair, helping to save time, cost, and manpower. Its environment-resistant qualities help prevent galvanic corrosion and allow use in a temperature range of -65 to +150ºC.

Made of a meltable adhesive and radiation cross-linked modified fluoroelastomer insulation sleeve, the C-Wrap device meets the performance requirements of TE Connectivity D-6201 specification. Designed for long-term performance, the repair kit offers a long-lasting repair to chafed or cracked wire insulation. Color-coding on the C-Wrap device provides proper sizing for each application, as well as ease of use.

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