Out of the top 100 companies, Molex is the top supplier of connectors to the consumer market.

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The worldwide demand for connectors in the consumer market was $2.9 billion in 2014. China and Asia Pacific consumed 68% of those connectors by dollar volume. China’s connector consumption was just slightly higher than Asia Pacific’s consumption in 2014.

2014 Consumer Market for Connectors
by Region of the World

2014 Consumer Market Sales by Region

Out of the top 100 connector companies, the top 10 companies supplying connectors to the consumer market provided 69% of the worldwide demand for that market in 2014. This group includes some of the top 10 connector companies in the connector industry, such as Molex and TE Connectivity.

2014 Consumer Market for Connectors:
Top 10 Suppliers

2014 Consumer Market Top 10 Connector Manufacturers

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