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WAGO TOPJOBS Double-Deck Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Blocks

WAGO TOPJOBS Double-Deck Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Blocks

Just 5.2 to 6.2mm wide, WAGO Corporation’s TOPJOBS Double-Deck Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Blocks are up to 24% more compact than existing designs on the market. Space-efficiency is achieved by carrying fusing or disconnect capabilities on the top deck, and through or ground connections below. TOPJOBS Double-Deck Blocks support process measurement applications requiring a common profile for feedthrough, disconnect/test, and fusing of analog signals.

The Double-Deck Disconnect and Fuse Blocks carry segment- and industry-exclusive features—four jumper slots per block and a 6.2mm wide Double-Deck Fuse Disconnect model. An exclusive end plate is available on the 6.2mm block to prevent accidentally opening the fuse holder before disconnection.

The product line includes:

  • Fuse Disconnect with Pivoting Fuse Holder (5x20mm) Block — The segment’s most compact fuse disconnect/holder combination is also unique for offering optional blown fuse LED indicators.
  • Knife Disconnect Block — Moveable knife disconnect simplifies disconnection on upper level with feedthrough on lower level.
  • Carrier Blocks — They’re available in six configurations including double-deck through terminal block and 4-conductor, double-deck terminal block with internal commoning. 5x20mm Fuse Plugs with LED indication are available.
  • Time-saving accessories — push-in, staggered, and step-down jumpers; component and test plugs; modular connectors and more; WAGO’s Continuous Marking Strips can reduce marking times by up to 50% (vs. marker cards).

Visit WAGO online.

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