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3M Corporation

Choosing and Using A Structural Adhesive

There are so many characteristics and applications for structural adhesives that an engineer may have difficulty selecting which to use. Compared to other adhesives, however, structural adhesives are less intuitive to use and their performance can be widely affected by processing decisions.

Fischer Connectors

Managing Risk in Medical Connectors

The FDA enacted important changes for the design and manufacture of medical devices, and understanding their implications is crucial to manage risk in medical connectors.


PCB Terminal Wiring Made Easier

Manufacturers of high-current applications know a variety of ways to transfer power to PCBs. Common approaches include busbars with complex wiring and installations with ring cable lugs or external wiring. However, those methods can be cost-intensive and time-consuming. PCB terminals with quick connection technology offer an ideal alternative, as they allow cables to be connected quickly, safely, and without tools in a wide range of applications.

 Mouser Technologies to Watch in 2014Mouser Electronics reviews technologies to watch in 2014 including: The Internet of Useful Things, Wearables, Lighting and Perceptual Technology.
TE Connectivity

Beyond the Connection: SFP+ Fiber Optic Transceiver Thermal and EMI Considerations

High data-rate, small form-factor pluggable optical transceivers (SFP+) answer the industry’s demand for increased bandwidth and higher port density. The higher performance and density of these devices creates challenges related to both excess heat and EMI emissions, but there are ways to address these concerns.

Termination in Aluminum Stranded Conductors

Given its good electrical conductivity, aluminum (Al) is an ideal material for use in electrical cables. The substitution of copper (Cu) conductors for aluminum ones supports two focal requirements arising in the field of automotive engineering.


Tips for Probe Maintenance

Test probes used in production testing will eventually get dirty enough to cause contact problems. This white paper details steps that will eliminate contact problems caused by dirty probes.


New Generation Surge Protectors Bring Benefits for I/O Systems

Vulnerability from lightning damage for measurement and control instrumentation in industries such as water, wastewater, chemicals and petro-chemicals, is a major concern to plant managers. Direct strikes, which cause damage to control systems, are relatively rare through the use of mechanical protection, such as ground rods, which act as an effective first line of defense. However, product damage and signal disturbances are much more frequently caused by transient surges as the result of remote strikes and cloud-to-cloud strikes. When the damage reaches through to the DCS I/O system, it can result in partial or complete plant shutdown. This makes the value of I/O surge protection of the utmost importance.

Ferrules: Your Best Insurance Against Costly Connection Failure

Due to its superior flexibility, longer flex life, and resistance to vibration, insulated stranded wire is the ideal choice for most panels. From both a physical and electrical perspective, however, bare stranded wire is a poor choice for connections. Stripped of its insulation, stranded wire quickly loses the coherence that provides its strength and resiliency. Once it begins to unravel, it is subject to breakage and corrosion that can produce overheating, short circuits, and connection failure, as well as cause serious safety issues. Ferrules can rectify this situation by giving stranded wire the qualities of solid wire where it is needed most, at the point of connection.


Connectors for LED Lighting Applications

Mill-Max addresses the connector needs of the growing field of LED lighting applications with products such as receptacles and sockets for LED bi-pin bulbs and interconnects for co-planar mating of LED driver boards. Click here for extensive application notes for standard and custom options to assist with your design.

A Superior Solution for Press-fit Pin and Receptacle Applications

Press-fit pins and receptacles for electronic circuitry are so broad in application that their critical role in system performance cannot be given short shrift. Pins or receptacles, used individually or in pairs, can be used to terminate a single wire to a PC board. Used in groups, press-fit pins and receptacles are perfect for applications such as daughterboard-to-motherboard, component-to-PCB, module-to-PBC, cable-to-PCB, cable-to-cable, and fuse. Applications include power, control functions, signal, data, and even RF. The Mill-Max approach to press-fit pins and receptacles applies specialized precision-machined pin technology, which offers multiple advantages over stamped-and-formed connectors. In this white paper, Mill-Max offers an overview of its available options.

Product Reliability Builds on Robust Interconnect Solutions

Connectors play a critical role in the electrical systems of just about any product we can imagine. However, the interconnect requirements are frequently considered at the end of the product design phase. The impact of an interconnect is often appreciated only when poorly manufactured or incorrectly specified connectors fail, eroding system performance and possibly bringing the system to a halt. For designers, however, advances in connector design, materials, and manufacturing ensure availability of an interconnect solution that delivers durability no matter what the application.

Molex QSFP-DD: Enabling 15 Watt Cooling Solutions

The thermal performance of the QSFP-DD module is evaluated for use in a high performance
data center environment. Thermal test data is presented and analyzed showing temperature
rise vs airflow. Feasibility of networking system being able to effectively cool 15W QDFP-DD
modules is shown.