Connector and Cable Assembly Supplier

ACES Electronics

ACES – Achieve Your Ideas.

ACES Electronics offers comprehensive connector solutions for a wide array of electronic applications including notebook computers, cellular phones, digital cameras, etc. ACES is headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan with several manufacturing facilities located in China.


ACES is proud to offer customers clean room facilities at all manufacturing locations in China, which ensure their order is manufactured exactly as expected.

We are committed to meeting our customers aggressive product development and production cycles to meet our mutual business and development goals. ACES offers advanced capabilities in product development, tooling design/fabrication, and well-established manufacturing processes. ACES’ highly experienced team is committed to realizing our customer’s vision in business and technology. ACES is committing to expanding our product offering to a wider spectrum of customers with our recent development of high-speed/high-frequency telecommunications and automotive electronics. ACES prides itself on excellent customer service, delivering quality products with competitive lead-times. We continually strive for technological breakthroughs and are poised for global growth.

ACES Electronics Co., LTD
• Established in Nov. 1996
• More than 4,800 employees
• Sales offices in Singapore, United States, and Japan

We have localized business support (sales/FAE/logistics) in the United States with dedicated project managers at each factory. Our business development team is able to provide quick turn solutions to our customers 24/7, around the globe.

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