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Connector Supplier’s Feature News archive includes market-focused issues featuring technology and application articles, tutorial, insider perspectives, Q&As, white papers from industry experts, industry news, new product news, and themed product roundups.

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Connector Specifier

Connector technology is behind nearly every innovation we see today. Connector Specifier features an in-depth look at these products.

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The connector industry evolves as suppliers introduce innovative new solutions inspired by their customers. Build-A-Connector focuses on the development of these new ideas in a step-by-step newsletter.

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Product Showcase

Connector companies are leading the way with innovative new products for every market. Product Showcase features six innovative connector products each week.

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Special Report

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It is a targeted and high-impact way to reinforce your company’s brand and expertise. This new three-in-one newsletter lets you connect with your audience to share product launches, technology breakthroughs, white papers, videos, upcoming show and event participation, awards, or any combination of information and media you choose.

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