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GCT Push-Pull Micro SIM Connector

GCT Push-Pull Micro SIM Connector

Global Connector Technology has developed a new economical push-pull Micro SIM connector to complement GCT’s established full-size SIM connector range.

Micro SIM cards have the same contact arrangement as traditional Mini SIM cards; however, the reduced card size of .47” x .59” results in a 50% space savings in card footprint. Additionally, the GCT Micro SIM connector is push-pull style, so the card is held in place by contact force, with a card stop for user ease.

The Micro SIM connector is available with six or eight contacts, has a 0.100” profile, and is suitable for 5,000 card insertion cycles.

SIM7050 is available in stock for rapid same day sampling. To speed up design, engineers can download 2D drawings and 3D models from our website.

Visit GTC online.

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