Dr Bob

Vibration: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

October 2013 – In a follow-up to Dr. Bob’s article on connector wear in the last issue, his colleague Max Peel discusses the challenges of vibration in both connector and end-system designs. In the case of vibration testing, EIA requirements generally include a visual for structural integrity and monitoring for a 1.0 microsecond interruption. Occasionally low-level contact resistance or contact resistance at rated current measurements are included. This is the area for review, and change is necessary but somewhat complex.

Dr. Bob on Connector Wear Mechanisms

September 2013 – Wear issues are best addressed in the design and manufacture of the connector system. Dr. Bob explains what causes wear in a connector and how the science behind the process works, then makes recommendations to help protect against connector wear in your next design.

Porosity: Real World Concerns

March 5, 2013 – Pore corrosion is time-dependent and porosity has caused field problems in as little as a few weeks or as long as years down the line, depending on the application environment and performance requirements. Max Peel of Contech Research explains the causes and concerns of porosity, and his cohort Dr. Bob returns next month with part two of this tutorial.