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Facts and Figures

2013 Connector Industry Wrap-Up

December 2013 – 2013 is almost in the books. Did it meet, exceed, or fall short of expectations? Ron Bishop takes a look at the numbers to see how we’ll be ringing out this year.

Facts and Figures

2013 Connector Industry Performance and Forecast

November 2013 – Three quarters into the calendar year, how is the connector industry performing? Overall, will 2013 be boom or bust or somewhere in between? Bishop & Associates runs the numbers for the year so far and makes its forecast for Q4.

To Web or Not to Web?

November 2013 – How important are websites in the B2B arena? We asked European connector customers if, how, and when they use the Internet for business purposes, and they shared their experiences for a snapshot of the connector industry online.

Facts and Figures

Connector Industry Profitability for 2013

October 2013 – Year 2009 was a perfect storm of profit killers, but in 2010, the industry experienced a complete reversal of misfortune. If history is a guide, what does that mean for 2013? Profitability is excellent!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Top 10 Best Performers

October 2013 – Does the list of Top 10 connector manufacturers for quality diverge from the Top 10 list based on price? Do customers make buying decisions based on price or quality (or both)? Bishop & Associates asked customers to rank European connector companies and compared the two lists to find out.


Automotive Market Accelerates

The Auto Industry – Hitting on All Cylinders

September 2013 – In the automotive connector market, the Top 10 manufacturers of connectors used in automotive applications account for 94% of sales. This is primarily because the large tier one and tier two OEMs purchase from connector companies that offer broad product offerings, leading-edge technology, and significant value-added programs.

Top 10 connector companies

Top 10 Connector Manufacturers: The Rest of the Story

When we identify the top 10 connector companies, we generally refer to the 10 largest in annual sales. These companies definitely stand out, due to their global presence, broad product offering, and technical capabilities. Certainly, they are very capable enterprises and have a significant impact on the competitive landscape of the connector industry. The following Read More >>

Facts and Figures

In Comparison: The 2012 Downturn Has Been Mild

January 22, 2013 – How does the current connector market compare to other downturns in the last decade? Ron Bishop takes a closer look at the facts and figures that measure the state of the industry in 2012.

Facts and Figures

Connector Industry Performance: 2012 Results

February 5, 2013 – How did the connector industry fare in 2012 with the mixed bag of economic indicators worldwide? Ron Bishop looks at the final results and explains what it meant for the year that was and what it could mean for the year ahead.