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EN4165 Connectors

EN4165: A New Generation of Production Break Connectors

The use of production breaks in aircraft minimizes weight, size, and power consumption. The primary purpose of production-break connectors is to facilitate the ease of installation for long, heavy, complex, multi-leg cable harness assemblies. Without the use of production breaks in the aircraft, it would be virtually impossible to build, repair, or upgrade today’s complex Read More >>

10-Gigabit Ethernet Solutions for the Next-Gen Military Platforms

In the early 1970s, a revolutionary architecture known as 1553 Data Bus was introduced. Based on a bussing concept that uses a bus controller to communicate with the various systems, this robust and reliable architecture transfers speeds at 1MHz.   Although still in use today on many avionic platforms and weapons systems, replacement strategies utilizing Read More >>

Drones for homeland security

UAV Market Trends

Over the next decade, combined sales of UAVs are expected to top $90 billion dollars, with annual sales rising from $8 billion in 2015 to between $12 and 14 billion in 2025.   The military market will continue to lead the way, with an anticipated dollar market share of around 70%. The remaining market share Read More >>