CABLExpress Launches Tap Modules For Testing Network Traffic in Data Centers

CABLExpress announces the launch of its tap modules, which allow for passive optical tapping and enable more efficient network monitoring and cable infrastructure management. The MTP-to-LC tap modules split fiber optic signals into two fibers, sending a portion of the data to the live network and the remaining data to a test environment.

“The CABLExpress tap modules provide an effective way for enterprise data center managers to assess their network traffic,” said Matthew Graham, director of CABLExpress. “By integrating with the Skinny-Trunk Solution, the modules save space in the data center and minimize the need for additional cabling and hardware for testing purposes.”

The CABLExpress tap modules feature:

  • Design that directly integrates with the CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution and the recommended TIA-942 structured cabling standard
  • Ultra low-loss components that provide flexibility in fiber network design
  • Rugged design that allows fiber to remain secure
  • Availability in H-Series (1U, 6U, and 10U) and RSD Series (1U, 2U, and 4U) footprints

The tap modules are available in multi-mode (OM3/OM4) and single-mode options with a 50/50 or 70/30 fiber split. CABLExpress also recently launched its conversion modules, which facilitate the shift from 10- to 40-Gigabit Ethernet network speeds.

Visit CABLExpress online.

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