Connector and Cable Assembly Supplier

ERNI Electronics

ERNI supports a wide variety of board-to-board (BtB), wire-to-board (WtB) and I/O applications used in growing markets that include industrial, industrial automation, automotive lighting, communication, data & telecom, instrumentation, medical, military transportation, and more. Through experienced engineering, manufacturing and support, ERNI also delivers customer-specific cable assemblies and application specific interconnection systems that meet and exceed customer requirements. With more than 65 years of design and development expertise, ERNI products comply with the highest industry standards to ensure reliability, safety and efficiency.

ERNI Electronics belongs to the international ERNI Group of companies specializing in connector technology related to electrical engineering and electronics. ERNI has manufacturing operations in Europe and Asia, value-add services globally and sales offices in more than 40 countries. ERNI products are also marketed via a worldwide network of representatives and leading distributors.


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