Hermetic Solutions Group

Protecting Sensitive Electronics in Extreme Environments

Hermetic Solutions Group has brought together five leading hermetic component manufacturing and service companies, Cristek Interconnects, Hi-Rel Group, Litron, PA&E and Sinclair Manufacturing, together under a single umbrella to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop option for a complete hermetic packaging solution.

Our decades of manufacturing experience in providing high-reliability materials and components uniquely positions us to address our customers’ most demanding requirements. With over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space in the U.S. (including on-site plating facilities), Canada and the United Kingdom, we will protect and connect your sensitive electronics in the harshest conditions.

A Comprehensive Product Portfolio
Hermetic Solutions Group offers innovative manufacturing capabilities, unique materials and processes and a dedication to highly responsive customer service make us the partner of choice for many leading manufacturers.

We design and manufacture a variety of high-reliability interconnect products, including DC & RF hermetic connectors, as well as headers, feedthrus, windows and vacuum components that are used in extreme environments where superior performance is an absolute requirement.

Our interconnect products are designed to perform two functions: to connect the internal packaging components to external components on the atmospheric side and to ensure outside elements cannot enter into the electronic package.

Key Applications
Hermetic Solutions Group primarily serves leading manufacturers in four industries: aerospace & defense, energy & industrial, medical and optical networking. We produce products for these key application areas:

• Electronic warfare systems
• Missiles/UAVs
• Satellites/space vehicles
• Implantable medical devices and surgical components
• Down-hole oil MWD/LWD modules
• Optical networking infrastructure

A diverse set of applications, but our customers all have one thing in common: the requirement for absolute reliability under the harshest conditions.

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