High Frequency Technology Worldwide

Rosenberger is one of the world’s leading suppliers of connectivity solutions in high-frequency, high voltage and fiber optic technology – from prototype to series production. In custom machining, individual parts for technically sophisticated devices and systems are manufactured. Renowned technology companies from various industries rely on precision and quality from Rosenberger:

Products for Medical and Industry
In the future, people will not only be interconnected by means of mobile communications, but also with many devices used in everyday life: from intelligent kitchen machines to the completely connected “Smart Home”. In industry, too, production and service processes, machines and devices are intelligently connected – this requires innovative concepts for communication between man and machine.

Products for Communication and Mobile Communications
In addition to classic connectivity technology with HF connectors and cable assemblies for communications engineering and miniaturized contacts for printed circuit boards, we offer innovative hybrid solutions and measuring instruments for determining passive intermodulation performance for mobile and landline communications as well as for industrial and data technology. Rosenberger Site Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies state-of-the-art FTTA / coaxial transmission solutions and test and measurement systems for the telecommunications industry.

Products for Automotive Applications
Rosenberger can look back on many years of experience in the automotive sector. Rosenberger develops standards for high-speed data transmission for various telematics applications in automobiles, e.g. for autonomous driving and for driver assistance systems. Rosenberger develops innovative, shielded high voltage connections and distribution systems for environmentally friendly hybrid and electric drives, setting new industry standards.

Products for Test and Measurement Applications
As a reliable and careful development partner in industrial metrology, we develop and manufacture an extensive range of measuring and testing equipment. High-quality precision products enable a wide range of measurement technology applications for active and passive components and devices. Rosenberger offers a “factory” standard calibration as well as a calibration laboratory accredited by the DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO 17025.

Aerospace Products
Aerospace products must meet special and demanding requirements. We provide support at every project stage and supply connectors and cable assemblies according to DIN EN 9100. Renowned customers in the aviation and spaceflight industry rely on our complete traceability and our product quality “Made in Germany”.

Fiber Optic Products for Data Centers
Our fiber optic cabling solutions for data centers, local networks, telecommunications and industry can be found wherever large amounts of data have to be transmitted quickly and securely. In addition to developing and manufacturing the broad portfolio of fiber optic and copper cabling systems, we offer a variety of services such as planning, installation and maintenance of cabling infrastructures.

About Rosenberger
Rosenberger, a family owned company, ranks today among the world-wide leading manufacturers of RF coaxial connectors, RF test & measurement products, RF connectors for automotive electronics, medical and industrial electronics as well as fibre optic products, and cable assemblies.

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