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Schleuniger Inc

Innovators in Wire Processing

As one of the leading international manufacturer of high-precision cable processing machines, Schleuniger offers a comprehensive range of products for virtually all applications. Whether cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, or marking, Schleuniger‘s automatic and semi-automatic machines process cables reliably, economically, and precisely. And with an extensive range of global service products, Schleuniger will assist you in achieving precision results throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.

Schleuniger Inc., headquartered in Manchester, NH supports the North, Central, and South American markets. Since 1988, Schleuniger, Inc. has strived to live up to its commitment to the American market – providing innovative wire processing solutions while offering a variety of value-added services to its customers. We offer a comprehensive range of products for virtually all applications as well as toll free technical support in the U.S., on-site field service, and local sales and service locations throughout North and South America.


Schleuniger Inc., headquartered in Manchester, NH, provides innovative wire processing solutions for virtually all applications and offers an extensive range of value-added services to its customers.

The Schleuniger Group in Thun is a globally active technology company and a leading supplier in the Wire Processing industry. Customers of the Schleuniger Group primarily supply the automotive, entertainment, and information industries as well as the communication sector. Schleuniger products are used whenever precise wire processing plays a role.

Development and production are located in Switzerland, Germany, and China. Schleuniger is always close to its customers – with four Sales and Service companies in the US, Germany, China, and Japan as well as with 40 distributors worldwide.

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