Media Kit and Editorial Calendar

Media Kit and Editorial Calendar

Connector Supplier has been a trusted voice in the global electronics industry for nearly two decades. We are the only publication with an exclusive focus on connectivity technologies across nine main market areas, including the automotive, medical, industrial, military and aerospace, transportation, datacom and telecom, consumer electronics, sensor and antenna, and wire and cable assembly markets.

Our readers are designers, engineers, educators, and decision-makers at OEMs, contract manufacturers, materials manufacturers, and others in the electronics world. Our subscribers include more than 40,000 professional engineers (65%) and purchasers (25%) across the US (45%), Europe (40%), and the rest of the world (15%), and more than 40,000 visitors come to our site through web searches and social media each month.

Subscribers receive Connector Supplier Feature News issues, our market-focused eBooks, and sponsored content like Build-A-Connector, Connector Specifier, Connections, and Product Showcase. In 2021, we’ll share four Special Reports that highlight future trends, high-speed products, wearables, and custom connectors. Subscribe now.

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Editorial Guidelines

Product Roundups:

  • Suppliers are allowed one new or existing/established product entry per roundup, and I welcome both individual and bulk submissions.
  • Submit a product page URL with technical information and a corresponding product image to Christine two weeks prior to publication.

New Product News and Industry News: