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Electronics Industry Confidence Index

Every month we ask for your insights into the electronics industry, and then publish the most recent industry confidence survey results. These numbers are generated from our readers who are on the ground in the electronics industry and on the front lines of the marketplace.

May 2018 Electronics Industry Confidence Index (EICI)

Each month we ask personnel working in the electronics industry their opinion on business conditions now and in six months from now.  People from all over the world respond to this survey.

The May Electronics Industry Confidence Index is 75.6, down from 97.6 in April. After sixteen consecutive months, the EICI has dropped below 80.0.

The following graph plots the World Electronics Industry Confidence Index. This is the combination of present and future results.

EICI May 2018 World Chart

*An index below 50.0 is negative.

An index below 50.0 is negative.

Industry personnel are asked, “What is your confidence in present business conditions and future (six months from now) business conditions.” Respondents have three choices: positive, neutral, or negative.

Having a score above 50.0 means that electronics industry personnel are positive about present and future business conditions.  A score below 50.0 means negative confidence.

Present Business Confidence Index

The May Present Confidence Index is positive at 76.4.  All regions declined significantly.  Connector demand remains very strong, making us unsure as to why confidence would decline this sharply.  This could just be a one-month anomaly.

EICI Present Industry Confidence May 2018

Future Business Confidence Index

The May Future Confidence Index is 74.7.  All regions, except Europe, have major drops in confidence about future business conditions.

EICI Future Industry Confidence May 2018

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