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HARTING Han 24 HPR EasyCon Meets the Toughest Demands with Ease

HARTING Han 24 HPR EasyCon Meets the Toughest Demands with Ease

Railway technology makes stringent demands on motor applications. Despite this, the Han 24 HPR EasyCon meets the toughest demands with ease.

The split hood of the Han 24 HPR EasyCon creates an “open system” that significantly simplifies the connection of shielded cables. During assembly — thanks to a newly developed cable gland — the cable screening braid can be connected simply, rapidly, securely and, most of all, in a visible manner. A modular support frame concept permits the use of standard high-current contacts — the Han HC Modular 650 and Han HC Modular 350.

HARTING Technology Group has further expanded the contact possibilities of the Han 24 HPR EasyCon. Four additional support frames permit easy mounting of the Han HC Modular 250 standard high-current contacts. The stainless steel holding frame consistently meets all the relevant requirements of the Han 24 HPR EasyCon product line. Coding, for example, can be arranged by rotating the contacts in the mounting frame.

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