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Molex Hybrid Power and Armor Connectors

Molex expands its line of microminiature SlimStack Fine-Pitch Board-to-Board Connectors with the ultra-compact Hybrid Power and Armor Connectors.

Molex IncorporatedMolex SlimStack Fine-Pitch SMT Board-to-Board Connectors has launched two new versions of SlimStack Fine-Pitch SMT Board-to-Board Connectors. The SlimStack Hybrid Power SMT Board-to-Board Connector and the SlimStack Armor SMT Board-to-Board Connector combine extra power lines into a signal connector.

Designed for smartphones, portable audio players, and mobile medical devices, the Molex SlimStack connector portfolio offers manufacturers a wide selection of low-profile, narrow-width interface options in various heights and circuit sizes for space savings and design flexibility.

“Mobile device makers need better strategies to increase available signal and power and shorten battery charge time without monopolizing more space,” said Mike Higashikawa, product manager, Molex. “Our compact SlimStack connectors provide highly reliable power and signal connections for a growing range of smaller, thinner mobile devices popular with consumers.”

Molex SlimStack Hybrid Power SMT Board-to-Board Connectors primarily support power functionality in battery and other mobile device power applications. Featuring a 0.40mm pitch and ultra-low-profile 0.75mm mated height, the hybrid connectors enable high current-carrying capability with a dual-contact structure for excellent power and signal reliability. The SlimStack hybrid connector delivers 6A power, 0.3A signal.

Featuring a 0.35mm pitch and 0.60mm mated height, Molex SlimStack Armor SMT Board-to-Board Connectors primarily support signal functionality in mobile devices and other tight-packaging applications. When additional power is needed for value-added features, such as fast battery charging or LED flash functions, the metal housing covers on SlimStack Armor connectors can serve as power nails to deliver up to 3A of extra power.  All Molex SlimStack connectors provide secure terminal retention. Constructed of high-strength copper alloy, dual contacts on the signal and power terminals reduce the risk of power or signal disruption due to shock, vibration, or drops.

SlimStack Armor connectors feature robust metal covers on the housing corners to prevent damage from misalignment during mating. By loading terminals from the bottom, Armor connectors create a canopy-style cover in the housing, which serves as a barrier to prevent terminal pullout during rough angled unmating. The cover also prevents housing damage by absorbing wear and tear of multiple mating cycles.  A wide chamfered alignment area makes the connector and plug easier to guide together.  Audible and tactile feedback confirms when a SlimStack connector is properly mated to a device.

“Whether a device maker needs space savings in a power-plus-signal or signal-plus-power connector with a more robust housing, our Molex SlimStack connectors check every box,” said Higashikawa.

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