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New Technology

Long Haul Connectors

Trucking industry trends all point to a solid market for high-reliability connectors. Nearly every trend in commercial trucking is fueling increased demand for connectors. The move to hybrid and electric vehicles isn’t limited to automotive. Heavy, long-haul trucks are moving in this direction too, creating a need for high-power connectors. The expanding role of LEDs Read More >>

Bright Outlook for Automotive LEDs

Falling prices on LEDs mean solid-state lighting is poised to displace bulbs, opening markets for connectors while altering wiring and electronic architectures. Automotive LEDs The automotive industry is ramping up its adoption of LED lighting. Falling prices, improving brightness, and integration with next-generation electric and safety systems are making this once-niche lighting option a mainstream Read More >>

Gaming Connectors Evolve (Even When Gaming Products Go Retro)

Smaller connector designs pushed by the cellphone world find a new home in portable and scaled-down gaming devices. Gaming Connectors Evolve For decades, young people have had their first exposure to connectors through gaming equipment. Although the vast array of electronics contained in these systems are hidden within the consoles and peripherals, perhaps no other Read More >>

Where is the R in R&D?

Are companies investing enough in R&D? Or have we reached peak innovation? Technology companies like to talk about the amount of resources they apply to research and design. If you want to be a leader in today’s fast-growing market segments, you need to constantly upgrade existing products or introduce new ones. Research is the wellhead Read More >>

EV Innovation Goes Full Charge Ahead

Electric vehicles are increasingly familiar sights around town, but the charging infrastructure needs to catch up as countries around the world make plans to transition away from fuel-burning vehicles. By Caroline Hayes When pre-orders for Tesla’s Model S opened in March 2016, the public’s appetite for luxury electric vehicles was confirmed, as thousands of customers Read More >>

Connectors Play a Key Role in Charging Infrastructure

The next few years will bring an increasing number of electric cars onto the roads. But not everyone can charge at home. The next few years will bring an increasing number of electric cars onto the roads. But not everyone can charge at home. How are connector companies helping to develop the charging infrastructure needed Read More >>

Hey, Driver?

It’s not just cars. Driverless mass transit may be coming to a city near you. Driverless Mass Transit Driverless cars are no longer a future-tech fantasy. So get ready for what inevitably comes next: driverless everything else. Cities around the world will soon see driverless trains, buses, planes, shuttles, ferries, taxis, and other forms of Read More >>

The e-Bike Revolution is Coming

High-tech motor, charging, and sensor systems are making the new generation of e-bikes a viable part of the transportation picture. By Amy Goetzman, Connector Supplier At first, I didn’t see the point of an e-bike. Why would you want a motor to do the work for you? Getting exercise is half the point of bicycling, Read More >>

Connectors Fly High at the Paris Air Show

The legendary aerospace gathering brings together the industry’s most inventive people, planes, and electronics.   Once again, members of the global aviation electronics industry are preparing to demonstrate their esprit de corps at the International Paris Air Show. The 52nd annual event will be held June 19–25 at the Le Bourget Parc des Expositions, with Read More >>

New Military and Aerospace Systems Drive Changes in Connector and Cable Design

High-speed, lightweight electronics are making soldiers safer and military operations more successful. Bob Stanton, Director, Omnetics Corporation   Advanced electronics in high-reliability systems are improving military and aerospace equipment to meet the significant challenges that lie ahead. As new technologies expand and spread around the world, however, so has the potential threat from possible foes Read More >>