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ODU MEDI-SNAP EMC Push-Pull Connector

The ODU MEDI-SNAP EMC push-pull connector combines shielding and a plastic housing for reliable transmission.


ODU MEDI-SNAP EMCThe ODU MEDI-SNAP EMC shielded plastic connector is the newest addition to ODU’s family of push-pull circular connectors. It is lightweight, autoclavable, and sterilizable, as well as cost-effective. The connector offers shielding and reliable protection against accidental contact, meeting customer demands and market requirements at the same time.

“The demand for shielded products is always on the rise, since applications in medical technology require more and more electronics in the smallest space possible,” said Günter Rohr, global portfolio manager at ODU. “This new development is the result of our expertise in implementation and the consistent refinement of our existing portfolio.”

The design retains a wide variety of coding possibilities (in terms of both color and mechanics) and great chemical resistance.

The connector is now available in standard size 2 in the ODU product range.

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