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Check out this week’s product roundup for information about some of the latest and greatest connector solutions for the oil and gas market.



PA&EPA&E combines its patented Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic-to-metal sealing technology combines its patented Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic-to-metal sealing technology with explosively welded metals to achieve rugged and reliable hermetically sealed connectors that exhibit excellent electrical characteristics in applications with extremely high pressure (20,000+psi) and temperatures (200+°C), such as deep well oil exploration. Custom designs are both common and welcome and can be built to military specifications, and an off-the-shelf option, the HPHT Series, is also available.

TE Connectivity’s new SEACON HydraElectric wet-mate connectors provide complete electrical and fiber optic connectivity solutions for subsea systems.TE Connectivity’s new SEACON HydraElectric wet-mate connectors provide complete electrical and fiber optic connectivity solutions for subsea systems. Designed, developed, tested, and fully qualified to the latest standards, including ISO 13628-6 and API 17F SEAFOM, the modular series is available in remotely operated vehicle, stab plate, and manual modes with four, seven, or 12 electrical circuits, allowing users to exchange, upgrade, and otherwise modify existing hardware with minimal effort. The series is also verified for use at depths up to 4,000m, features oil-filled dual barriers to help maintain pressure balance, is qualified for 1,500VDC and 1,000VAC pin-to-pin, enables copper-based high-speed Ethernet, supports protocols including CAN bus, and offers corrosion resistance without cathodic protection.

Positronic’s PA Series Panther power connectors Designed to withstand harsh environments subjected to high shock, vibration, UV radiation, and temperatures up to 200°C, Positronic’s PA Series Panther power connectors feature IP65/IP67 sealing capabilities and are rated for 1,600V working voltage, 5,000V proof voltage, up to 35A per contact, and 1,000 operations. Available with crimp, straight solder, right angle solder, and straight press-fit contact terminations, the series conforms to both EN45525-2 HL3 smoke and toxicity requirements and EIA-364-28F shock and vibration test performance requirements. Ideal applications include: oil and gas, aerospace, rail, battery, and earthmoving equipment.

Amphenol Pcd’s rugged ATEX Zone 2 Field Bus Range for Device Group II, Category 3G applicationsAmphenol Pcd’s rugged ATEX Zone 2 Field Bus Range for Device Group II, Category 3G applications includes Ethernet, RJ11, and USB switches that may be operated within Zone 2 and Class I, Division 2 hazardous environments as low-power, non-sparking connectors in accordance with EN60079-15. Sealed to protect against shock, dust, and fluids when mated, the range’s RJFTVX RJ45 connectors enable Ethernet Class D, Cat 5e connections for 10Base-T, 100Base-Tx, and 1000Base-T networks, and were the first Ethernet connectors approved for use in ATEX Zone 2 oil and petrochemical applications. Its USBFTVX USB connectors feature a MIL-DTL-38999 Series III type tri-start thread coupling mechanism with an anti-decoupling device that provides additional protection against high vibration, and its RJ11FTVX connectors enable the use of standard phone RJ11 and RJ12 connections in ATEX Zone 2 environments.

BTC Electronics offers Hermetic Seal Corporation’s glass-to-metal sealed electrical bulkheadsBTC Electronics offers Hermetic Seal Corporation’s glass-to-metal sealed electrical bulkheads, which are designed to withstand the severe operating conditions commonly encountered in downhole oil and gas exploration, including pressure in excess of 25,000psi and temperatures as high as 204ºC (400ºF). Commonly used in in wire-line, measurement-while-drilling, and logging-while-drilling tools and completions, the range is rugged enough to withstand the worst handling conditions in the field, both on land and at sea, spanning the arctic to the equator. Custom designs capable of meeting pressure and temperature requirements up to 35,000psi at 260ºC (500ºF) are also available.

LEMO’s S and E Series Multi Concentric Contact ConnectorsLEMO’s S and E Series Multi Concentric Contact Connectors for the oil and gas market are dedicated to applications in which connectors need to allow for a measure of low-speed rotation, making them an ideal solution for petroleum downhole drilling systems, turrets, and other free-twisting equipment. Available in various shell sizes with 4 – 10 recessed and scoop-proof multiple concentric electrical contacts, the series is designed for low-speed rotation, can last up to 10,000 rotation cycles, and, unlike coaxial and triaxial connectors, is not impedance controlled. E Series connectors also offer IP68 watertight protection, and special reduced shell models without latching features are available as well, but are not scoop-proof.

ITT Cannon’s Ultra-High-Temp Micro-MDM ConnectorsDesigned to meet critical application requirements for critical cable-to-cable applications in terrestrial and offshore oil and gas exploration equipment, ITT Cannon’s Ultra-High-Temp Micro-MDM Connectors can withstand continuous operation at 230ºC for 500 hours. Featuring stainless steel shells, high-reliability micro twist pin and socket contacts, high-temperature liquid crystal polymer insulator materials, and high-temperature nickel-plated copper wire with a PTFE jacket per M22759/87, the series is designed in accordance with MIL-DTL-83515 and is rated for 500 mating cycles and operating temperatures spanning -55ºC to 230ºC. The range is also suitable for select applications within the aerospace and defense, transportation, and industrial market sectors.

Heilind Electronics offers TE Connectivity’s broad range of heavy-duty connectorsHeilind Electronics offers TE Connectivity’s broad range of heavy-duty connectors for harsh environment applications. Ideal for use in markets including: oil and gas, alternative energy, robotics, automation, and off-highway machinery, the range features ingress protection ratings up to IP69K and 1,000-hour corrosion resistance testing approval, enabling long-lifetime performance in environments exposed to water, dust, chemicals, high temperatures, mechanical shock, vibration, and high pressure. The versatile, space-saving range also features a modular design that offers power, signal, and data transmission in a single connector, as well as a variety of cable fittings, hoods, contacts, and male and female inserts and housings that allow users to create custom configurations suited to their specific needs.

PEI-Genesis is an authorized, value-added distributor for the Falcon Series connectors from TrolexPEI-Genesis is an authorized, value-added distributor for the ATEX- and IECEx-certified Falcon Series connectors from Trolex®. Engineered to provide robust, easily-installable connector solutions for power and data cables in hazardous environments, these explosion-proof, multi-pin, two-stage bayonet coupling connectors feature a rear-loading assembly system for fast mating and unmating with no special tools, enable short-term disconnect with live power during equipment maintenance or replacement, and are highly tolerant of contaminants and debris. Currently available in USB and fiber optic options with aluminum and stainless steel housings in two body shell sizes, ideal applications for the series include: oil and gas, offshore, mining, process plants, and other hazardous industrial applications.

Fischer Connectors offers a range of high-reliability connector and cable assembly solutions for oil and gas market applicationsFischer Connectors offers a range of high-reliability connector and cable assembly solutions for oil and gas market applications, including: seismic evaluation, drilling, and geophysical equipment. Featuring rugged, shock-resistant, and easy-to-use designs sealed to IP68/69 and/or hermetically sealed for use in vacuum or pressurized environments, the range exhibits extreme resistance to high temperatures and delivers dependable operation that helps prevent costly downtime and accidents. Series within this range include: Core Series original brass high-performance push-pull connectors; UltiMate™ rugged, compact, and lightweight connectors; MiniMax™ miniature, high-density, combination signal and power connectors; and the FiberOptic Series for robust optical performance in extreme environments.

JONHON’s ExB Series Hermetically Sealed Explosion-Proof Connectors Widely employed in the power transmission and illumination systems of both offshore and petroleum field drilling equipment, JONHON’s ExB Series Hermetically Sealed Explosion-Proof Connectors are approved for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous locations. Manufactured in accordance with stringent process control procedures to ensure optimal performance in extreme environments, the series features precise dimensional designs and contact arrangements and stainless steel plugs and receptacles that can both be loaded with pins or sockets. Rated for 500 cycles and 20 – 1,000A, it’s available with 3 – 30 positions and solder or crimp terminations.


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