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Industrial Interconnect Product Roundup

For our industrial interconnect product roundup we reached out to top interconnect suppliers to find out their latest and greatest product launches for industrial applications.   ITT Cannon’s CA Com is a ruggedized circular connector series for automation, robotics, factory floor and other critical industrial applications. Available in both threaded and reverse bayonet coupling designs, Read More >>

Medical market

Better Adhesives for Better Medical Equipment

Reducing the footprint of components enhances functionality in smaller spaces. To meet this demand in the medical industry, device manufacturers are using pressure-sensitive adhesives for interconnects, grounding, and shielding applications.   Advancements in electronics technology are enabling medical electronic equipment designed for faster diagnosis, improved patient quality of life, and new drug-based therapies. Patient monitoring, Read More >>

Electrically Conductive Adhesives Enable Low-Temp Electronics

$1.2 billion of electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) are already selling each year, and they are becoming increasingly common to replace solders in a variety of functions, applications, and industries.   Materials are needed to replace the estimated 50,000 metric tons of tin-lead solder currently used each year, but there are no “drop-in” replacements for eutectic Read More >>

TE's Raychem S1260 Hot-Melt Tape Adhesive

TE’s Raychem S1260 Hot-Melt Tape Adhesive

TE’s Raychem S1260 Hot-Melt tape adhesive is designed for ground defense and aerospace applications and enables permanent field repairs for PTFE wire and cable. TE Connectivity announces its new Raychem S1260 Hot-Melt tape adhesive for high-temperature wire and cable repairs. The S1260 tape uses an environmentally resistant modified fluoropolymer for sealing high-temperature heat-shrink components to Read More >>

Materials Ensure Connector Reliability in Harsh Environments

Connectors in the oil and gas industry must withstand high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive environments subject to heavy vibration and occasional shock loading. Materials are the key to ensure connector reliability in harsh environments.   The oil and gas industry demands high reliability in drilling and completion equipment, including electrical connectors used downhole. Connectors Read More >>

How to Specify Electrical Insulating Material

Choosing the right material combinations for a specific application can mean the difference between success and failure. Richard Orstad of Fralock presents a primer on how to specify electrical insulating material.   There are hundreds of decisions required when designing mission-critical electromechanical components. In each of these decisions, choosing the right material combinations for a specific Read More >>

LEMO’s REDEL P plastic connector

When is a Plastic Connector the Right Connector?

Products made from plastic are thought of as cheap alternatives, but when it comes to connectors, they are sometimes the smarter option. Trevor Lee of LEMO answers the question: When is a plastic connector the right connector?   Oftentimes, products made from plastic are thought of as cheap alternatives to metal products. This sentiment can Read More >>

Graco AFD Therm-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt System

Graco AFD Therm-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt System

The Graco AFD Therm-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt System for the cable industry enables double the throughput capability of its leading competitor. Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD), a world leader in fluid handling products and systems, announced the The-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt System, an ideal fit for moisture-block coating applications in the cable industry. With material throughput capability double that Read More >>

Hendrix Offers Free Recycling Program to Customers

Hendrix offers free recycling of HPI Insulators through a new mail-in program. Hendrix Molded Products introduces its Cradle-to-Cradle recycling program for the return and recycling of its HPI Polyethylene Insulator products constructed using #2 recyclable plastic. Familiar household products that are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are items such as milk, juice or water Read More >>

Choosing the Right Cutting and Stripping Machine is All About the Apps

Choosing the Right Cutting and Stripping Machine is All About the Apps

September 2013 – Choosing a new wire cutting and stripping machine can be like shopping for a new car: With so many choices, where does one start? A nice little sports car might be fun to own, but how often will it just sit in the driveway because it can’t carry a load of kids or some odd-sized goods from the home improvement store? Schleuniger’s Pete Doyton walks us through the steps to follow when choosing a new C&S machine.

Choosing and Using A Structural Adhesive

Why Use a Structural Adhesive? Structural adhesives are chosen for a multitude of assembly operations. Unlike mechanical fastening methods, they don’t damage substrates (no need to drill holes and no heat distortion as when welding metal); can join dissimilar materials without galvanic corrosion; are amenable to a number of different geometries; don’t concentrate stress at Read More >>