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5G Connectivity Expands Connector Applications

We live in an age of technology disruptions. But 5G will make even bigger disruptions possible. We are about to experience a major transformation in the area of wireless communication. Cellular communication networks have been on a path of continuous evolution since the first analog phones were introduced in the 1980s. With 1G starting at Read More >>

Circular Connector Product Roundup

This week’s product roundup highlights some of the highest-performance circular connector products currently available on the market. Circular Connector Products NorComp’s M12 Series connectors are ideal for harsh-environment industrial applications, including: industrial controls, automation equipment, remote process sensors, robotic control systems, and ruggedized networking and power conditioning systems. Available in shielded and unshielded panel- and Read More >>

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Military Connector Miniaturization

Leveraging Pin Density to Reduce Size and Weight Wim Vanheertum, Product Manager, Miniaturization & Military Applications, Fischer Connectors The push to make military equipment lighter and smaller is so visible that the writers of the award-winning, nerd-friendly sitcom The Big Bang Theory named a September 2016 episode “The Military Miniaturization.” The story continued several weeks Read More >>

Spring contact

Spring-Contact Technology in Circular Connectors

Today’s complex operating environments require connectors to offer higher density in a smaller footprint while being more rugged, robust, reliable, and lighter weight. Spring-enabled connector technology offers an array of options to conquer these obstacles.      Circular connectors are crucial to the successful performance of electrical devices across a variety of industries. These small, Read More >>

Built-in Circular Connectors in Medical Equipment Design

Built-in circular connectors save design time and cost in medical equipment systems.   Cell phones, laptop computers, and digital cameras all contain electrical connectors molded into their shells, with cables hidden inside hinges and shells and behind displays to save space, weight, and money. In the same way, medical instruments are designed so that standard Read More >>

HARTING M12 Push-Pull Adapter

HARTING M12 PushPull Adapter

The new HARTING M12 PushPull adapter enables quick and secure mating in a highly compact design. HARTING’s new M12 PushPull adapter enables the use of unthreaded connectors in existing applications with a standard flange. This means quick and secure mating and a highly compact design for the end user. The unthreaded locking mechanism of the M12 PushPull allows Read More >>

How to Specify COTS Mixed-Layout Connectors for Military Vehicles

Learn more about the latest lightweight COTS options for mixed-layout connectors from Erich Reichenbach of Reichenbach International.     Connectors for the military should be small, lightweight, rugged, reliable, and versatile as they are exposed to various demanding applications and environments. Here are some suggestions for specifying military COTS connectors. Size, Weight, and Shape By conserving fuel, a Read More >>

TE Micro Circular Connectors

TE micro circular connectors deliver reliability and flexible configurations for military applications. TE Connectivity announced that its metal-shell micro circular connectors are now available globally. The new connector family is a complete line of small circular connectors ideal for rugged military and commercial applications. The metal-shell micro circular connectors are versatile, tested for harsh environments, and Read More >>

Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel Connectors

Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel Connectors

The Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel connectors are ultra-sterile and highly configurable. Fischer Connectors launched its new stainless steel range of circular connectors, part of the highly configurable Fischer Core Series. The new connectors are made of premium-grade stainless steel – the best on the market. They offer outstanding chemical, temperature, and radiation resistance. They have been Read More >>

Amphenol Sine Systems VersaBOSS Circular Connectors

Amphenol Sine Systems VersaBOSS Circular Connectors offer first-of-its-kind technology to meet the demands of variable frequency drives. Amphenol Sine Systems’ VersaBOSS Circular Connectors offer “first of its kind” connector technology in conjunction with advanced cable designs for the multifaceted demands of today’s variable frequency drives (VFDs). This factory-terminated and test-certified, sealed and molded cable assembly Read More >>