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Creative ideas in connector develoopment

The Creative Phase of New Connector Development

In the latest installment of the “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants, Bill Garver takes a detailed look at the creative phase of new connector development. This article is part of the “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants. In a previous article, we suggested that to ensure a successful product development and Read More >>

Key to Success

Necessary Skills for Successful New Connector Development

To ensure a successful product launch, manufacturers need to optimize the talents of their employees to be sure critical needs are addressed. We continue the “Connector Basics” series with a look at the necessary skills for successful new connector development. This article was contributed by APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants. Successful new product development and releases to Read More >>

Why Minor Increases in Contact Resistance Matter

Connector designers understand that many variables impact contact area and how adequately the contacts do their job. This next article in the “Connector Basics” series explains why even minor increases in contact resistance matter. When a contact is mated, only a relatively small area is actually touching. All of the current must flow through this small Read More >>

Typical Connector Failure Modes and Mechanisms

The “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants continues with an introductory look at typical connector failure modes and mechanisms. When we discuss connector failure, we need to refine the concept into two distinct components – failure modes and failure mechanisms. How do we define “failure”? Webster’s New World Dictionary lists a variety of terms, but for our Read More >>

What Do Connectors Really Cost?

Connectors are frequently selected based on purchase price without fully considering the costs linked with using them. What do connectors really cost? This article is contributed by APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants. For more of its “Connector Basics” series, click here. Have you ever purchased the lowest-priced item, only to find out that the cost to Read More >>

Who Owns Connector Selection Responsibility?

When an end product fails due to a faulty connector, the team that takes the blame may not be the group that was ultimately responsible for the final purchasing choice. In the end, who owns connector selection responsibility? Many times, when a field problem is tied to specific connector, the question asked is, “Who selected Read More >>

Corrosion and Contact Resistance

Dr. Bob follows up his recent article on connector contact lubricants with a look at connector corrosion and contact resistance. While I was making the final edits to my recent Connector Supplier article on connector contact lubricants, I looked at the figure in that article, which showed the structure of the contact interface on a microscale, Read More >>

Take the right direction in selecting a connector manufacturer

How to Select a Connector Supplier

Wondering how to select a connector supplier? The selection method must ensure the supplier can meet all established performance, cost, lead-time, and service requirements. Once several manufacturers’ connectors have been evaluated for a specific application, it is likely that the ultimate selection will be made from at least three or four manufacturers (and maybe more Read More >>

How to Specify and Select a Connector

The “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants continues with a tutorial on how to specify and select a connector for a particular application. Generally speaking, electrical connectors are mechanical components that serve an electrical function. In addition to carrying electrical current at a specified voltage, connectors either enable interconnection of components during the Read More >>

Connector Basics: Evolving Levels of Interconnection

Connector Basics: Evolving Levels of Interconnection As this is the first in a planned series of articles by APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants LLC, we thought it would be best to begin with the “Levels of Interconnection” (LOI), which is about as fundamental as it gets. It must be remembered that at every interconnection point, at Read More >>