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Connector Companies Get Smarter, Faster With Acquisitions

Electronics companies are consolidating their expertise with acquisitions as new technologies become part of the connector ecosystem. When is a connector company more than a connector company? When it is also a wire and cable company, a sensor company, an antenna company, a transceiver and transponder company, and even, sometimes, a software company. As increasingly complex Read More >>

Optical Connectivity Solutions Product Roundup

This week’s product roundup highlights optical connectivity solutions from leading suppliers. Amphenol ICC’s Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable (AOC) is the first AOC to be fully compliant with both SAS 2.1 (6Gb/s) and SAS 3.0 (12Gb/s) industry standards as well as the SFF-8643 interface standard, which enables flexible installations and build-outs, including hybrid connections between Read More >>

Why We Need Copper AND Fiber

From wet silk thread to modern superconducting ribbon, interconnect technology has advanced along with the related electronic technology as it is critical to an electrical system’s operation. Add to that the realm of optical fiber, and you have a huge marketplace of mixed applications, technologies, and services.   With wireless technologies – both signal- and Read More >>

Fieber optic in wind turbines

The Case for Fiber Optic Cable in Wind Turbines

Fiber optic cable may be the best way to achieve the effective monitoring and control necessary to ensure efficiency in offshore wind turbines.   One of the major challenges facing power generation from renewable energy sources is continuous and cost-effective operation. In the case of wind turbines, both offshore and onshore, this cost-effectiveness depends on Read More >>

Data center optics

Intra-Data Center Optics

Fiber optics are poised to enable network functionality like never before with increased data rates and bandwidth inside the data center.   The need to change the data center network from a hierarchal one to a leaf-spine or more meshed one has arisen from the ever-increasing need for compute and storage access and the use Read More >>

fiber or copper cabling

Distance Makes a Difference: Fiber Optics or Copper?

Choosing between fiber optics and copper? According to Jacques Mieville of Fischer Connectors, the further you go, the more you need fiber.   When properly maintained, there is no argument that fiber has significantly greater bandwidth and is more reliable than copper. Because fiber transmits data as a series of light pulses instead of electrical Read More >>

Fiber optic in hand

Fiber Optics: Knocking on the Copper Door

Fiber optics has long been touted as the next big thing. After 30 years of expectation, is that reality finally here?   Fiber optics has long been defined as a technology that will become mainstream within five years…for at least the last 30 years. That may finally be changing. We don’t see fiber replacing copper Read More >>

OFC trade show

OFC 2015 Featured More Top Connector Suppliers

As the best and the brightest in the optical communications industry gathered again this year, OFC 2015 featured more top connector suppliers than ever before.   Amphenol, Corning, FCI, Hirose, Molex, Rosenberger North America, Samtec, Sumitomo, TE Connectivity, US Conec, and Y-Connect – A Yazaki Company showed their products at the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) Conference that was Read More >>

How to Choose Fiber Optic Cleavers

Commonly overlooked when making a fusion splicer purchase, fiber optic cleavers are crucial tools that ensure perfectly smooth fiber ends. Sumitomo Electric Lightwave offers tips on how to choose fiber optic cleavers.   The fiber cleaver is a tool commonly overlooked when making a fusion splicer purchase. Just ask any technician who has worked the late Read More >>

Fiber optic for military applications

Ruggedized Fiber Optics in Military-Grade Systems

Traditionally, copper connectors have been the mainstay technology in military applications. Find out how ruggedized fiber optics in military-grade systems can outperform copper.   In mission-critical military systems, equipment failure and unplanned downtime cannot be tolerated. Traditionally, copper connectors have been the mainstay technology in military applications – withstanding the test of time due to their ability Read More >>

In-flight Wi-Fi

Converting Aircraft On-Board Systems to Fiber Optics

With more airline passengers demanding in-flight Wi-Fi, system designers need to find a smart solution for converting on-board systems to fiber optics. One of the hottest technology trends relating to cabin electronics in civil aircraft is creating designs that accommodate all the passengers that now want to use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops on board. Read More >>