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Automation Means a Bright Forecast for Industrial Connectors

The industrial world has made the transition from mechanical control to electronic control, and now we are in the middle of the digital transformation. A new report by Bishop & Associates examines the market for industrial connectors and how the rise of smart cities, smart factories, and the smart grid will impact this category of Read More >>

Euro Zone

Should Manufacturers Be Optimistic About Europe?

Economic growth is slowing down in Germany and the economy in France is contracting, highlighting the euro area’s struggle to sustain its recovery. Still, should manufacturers be optimistic about Europe? With the “political earthquake” caused by the European elections in May and the difficult task of choosing the new leader of the European Commission in mind, it is easy Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: Calculating Total Available Market

How big is the connector industry? Ron Bishop explains the facts and figures of calculating total available market, but you must first put a fence around the connector industry. How big is the connector industry? There are many answers to that question depending on the criteria you are measuring: Region of the world Country Market Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Part 2: 10-Year Snapshot of the Connector Industry

Profitability Killers (Price Erosion + Rising Raw Material Costs) A sharp decline in demand will automatically produce a decline in profits. We experienced that in 2001, 2002, and 2009 when connector sales declined -18.9%, -6.9%, and -21.9% respectively. During such downturns management will rapidly take actions to minimize the impact on bottom-line profitability. Such actions Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Part 1: 10-Year Snapshot of the Connector Industry 2003-2013

10-Year Snapshot of the Connector Industry The phrase “significant change” doesn’t adequately describe what happened in the connector industry over the past 10 years. Specifically, between 2003 and 2013, the connector industry: Experienced roller coaster swings in connector demand, setting new industry records for declines and increases Suffered the worst price erosion in decades, followed Read More >>

Consumer Market in the Crossroads, consumer market for cable assemblies

Consumer Market Sales at a Crossroads

Will consumer market sales pickup again in 2014 and 2015? Bishop tracks 11 companies in the consumer market sector. For the full year 2012, these companies’ combined consumer market sales grew 4.5% year over year and had collective revenues of $475.9 billion. Growth in the consumer market, as measured by Bishop, has been tepid in Read More >>