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IDT, SKEDD combined to bring many benefits

Connector Supplier interviewed Ulrich Schmidt, Managing Director of Lumberg Group and Member of the Shareholder Family, on the company’s plans for combining IDT and SKEDD technology.   Lumberg, based in Schalksmuehle, Germany, plans to start production of SKEDD connectors that use IDT this year (2017). What made Lumberg decide to sign the license agreement for Read More >>

M.2 card edge connectors

M.2 Connectors for Sleek Smart Home Electronics

Due to the especially personal nature of homes, smart home electronics must be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and as subtle as possible. The new M.2 connector is designed for use with a wider range of module widths and lengths, and especially smaller computer expansion cards that operate at faster transfer speeds.   Intelligent devices are exploding Read More >>

Harwin Archer IDC

Harwin Archer M50 IDC Connectors

New Harwin Archer M50 IDC connectors expand the competitively priced 1.27mm-pitch connector family. Harwin expanded its popular 1.27mm-pitch Archer M50 portfolio with the addition of new IDC connectors. The Archer family is distinguished in three ways – price (parts are several percentage points more cost-effective than the competition); instant availability (devices are stocked in depth for Read More >>

The new Mill-Max discrete right-angle pins are available in four diameters

Mill-Max Discrete Right-Angle Pins

The new Mill-Max discrete right-angle pins are available in four diameters. Mill-Max introduced a series of discrete right-angle pins. The 37XX-0 pins are available in four different diameters and are suitable for plugging into receptacles and/or soldering onto printed circuit boards. Four standard diameters  are available: .020″, .025″, .030″, and .040″ (0.51mm, 0.63mm, 0.76mm, and 1.02mm). These Read More >>

Harwin EZ BoardWare PCB Contact

Harwin EZ-BoardWare PCB Contact

The Harwin EZ-BoardWare PCB contact accommodates a wider range of pins and is secure and cost-effective.  Harwin expanded its popular EZ-BoardWare PCB socket portfolio with a new contact that can accommodate mating pins ranging from 0.8mm to 1.5mm in diameter. These new products complement an existing range, enabling Harwin to offer parts with pin diameters from Read More >>