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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Offer Alternative to Batteries

Connector makers are helping automobile makers in their push to make hydrogen fuel cells a clean-energy option for cars. Falling lithium-ion battery prices, continuous hydrogen fuel cell technology advancements, changing consumer preferences, government support for alternative fuel research in China and Europe, and the impact of Elon Musk’s Tesla have converged to make the electric Read More >>

Wire-to-board connector products: Amphenol ICC's Minitek® Pwr Connector System

Wire-to-Board Connector Products April 2019

This week’s Product Roundup highlights wire-to-board connector products for industrial, datacom, telecom, military, aerospace, consumer electronics, and medical applications. Wire-to-Board Connector Products Amphenol ICC‘s Minitek® Pwr Connector System offers a comprehensive range of flexible interconnect solutions for power applications. The system is available in wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations with 2.50mm, 3.00mm, 4.20mm, and 5.70mm pitches, Read More >>

March 2019 Connector Industry News

Summary coverage of upcoming industry events, as well as recent award, partnership, promotion, personnel, facility, distribution, standards, association, and certification news from across the connector industry. March 2019 Connector Industry News March 2019 Connector Industry News > Event News TE Connectivity is showcasing its portfolio of SEACON products, DEUTSCH connectors, sensors, and Rochester engineered cables Read More >>

Panther PA Series waterproof connectors

Waterproof Connector and Cable Products

This week’s Product Roundup highlights waterproof connector and cable products from leading suppliers. Solutions address the needs of the industrial, consumer, automotive, mil/aero, datacom/telecom, transportation, and medical markets. Waterproof Connector and Cable Products Panther PA Series power and hybrid power and signal connectors from Positronic ruggedly withstand shock, vibration, UV radiation, salt spray, and temperatures Read More >>

Premium Audio Connectors and Cables are the Foundation of Audiophiles’ Home Systems

Precision audio connectors and premium cables provide music aficionados with high-fidelity sound. With over 16.8 million vinyl records sold in 2018, hi-fi audiophile systems are no longer considered a relic from the past. Millennials are building their primary living spaces around equipment that resembles the audio systems of their grandparents’ generation, with a few high-tech Read More >>

Mill-Max 868 Series

Consumer Electronics Connector Products

This week’s Product Roundup highlights consumer electronics connector solutions for handheld electronics, appliances, smartphones, TVs, and more. Consumer Electronics Connector Products Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.’s 868 Series spring-loaded and target connectors feature durable solder-cup terminations that accommodate wire and cable attachment, along with flanged insulators and fastening options for broad application suitability. The solder cup connectors are Read More >>

Internet of Things

Connecting the Internet of Things

Software has come to dominate the conversation about the Cloud, but the Internet of Things won’t work unless data and power can reach the devices involved.   For all of the hype and promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-related services and functionalities, the fact is that nothing works without a proper hardware infrastructure. The most Read More >>

Custom Designs for SWaP-Focused Connectors

The SWaP initiative employed by the US military and NASA has helped connector manufacturers focus on improving smaller and lighter connectors, in particular for custom designs.   As we demand our circuits do more and in smaller packages, we still need reliable power and signal transfer. Today’s designers have a number of new tools and Read More >>

Featured news

Molex Invests in Breakthrough Wireless Power Platform

Molex has invested in Ossia’s breakthrough Cota Real Wireless Power Platform, which will expand market access to Ossia’s game-changing remote wireless power technology.   Ossia announced a strategic investment by Molex that will help expand market access to the groundbreaking Cota wireless power technology by facilitating the development of new consumer and B2B products. Cota’s game-changing wireless Read More >>

Phoenix Contact Power Turn High-Current Terminals

Phoenix Contact Power Turn High-Current Terminals

Phoenix Contact Power Turn high-current terminals offer easy power wiring with spring-cage technology and quick connection. Phoenix Contact has expanded its range of Power Turn high-current terminals to include options with maximum wire sizes from 10AWG to 250MCM. The terminals make it easy and secure to connect the conductors using just a standard screwdriver and Read More >>

Amphenol Industrial's RoboLok Primary Circuit Power Connector

Amphenol Industrial’s RoboLok Primary Circuit Power Connector

Amphenol Industrial’s RoboLok primary circuit power connector enables quick disconnect and easy assembly with the power of RADSOK technology. Amphenol Industrial Products Group now offers RoboLok, a three-position, high-current primary circuit power connector. This new connector features three fixed, proprietary RADSOK contacts on each connector, offering a wide range of cable contact configurations. Ideal for Read More >>