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Ron Bishop

The Connector Industry Braces for the Impact of Tariffs

The developing trade war could bring significant consequences to the electronics industry. The Connector Industry Braces for the Impact of Tariffs The US government has weighed imposing tariffs on imports for over a year, and in recent weeks these discussions have escalated into action as tariffs have come into effect on trade relationships around the Read More >>

Tariffs and the Electronic Connector Industry

As talk of tariffs threatens to become action, the electronics industry is poised for pain. By Ron Bishop, Bishop & Associates, Inc. Tariffs and the Electronic Connector Industry The implementation of tariffs on goods imported into the United States to address trade imbalances has been seriously discussed by the Trump administration for over a year. Read More >>

OEMs Experience Continuing Growth

Bishop & Associates takes a closer look at OEM sales results and the business outlook. OEMs Experience Continuing Growth Bishop & Associates tracks sales and profits of 13 market sectors and more than 120 companies. The objectives are to determine how selected electronic markets have performed, identify sales and profit trends for forecasting purposes, and Read More >>

Business is Excellent and Confidence is High about the Future

2017 ended on a high note for the electronics industry, and connector manufacturers are optimistic about 2018. The connector industry’s strong performance in 2017 has created an environment of optimism as we settle into the new year. In our recent surveys of the industry, we’ve found high expectations for continued growth in the months ahead. Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Top 10 Connector Companies in the Transportation Market

Delphi tops the list of connector suppliers to the transportation market.     The worldwide demand for connectors in the transportation (non-automotive) market was $3.8 billion in 2014. North America and Europe consumed 54% of those connectors by dollar volume. 2014 Transportation Market for Connectors by Region of the World Out of the top 100 Read More >>

2015 Connector Business in Review

The connector industry and the overall electronics market is continuously impacted by business, geographic, political, and other factors. We sat down with Bishop & Associates’ Ron Bishop to discuss the results of 2015 and what that may indicate for the year ahead. † Q: Based on Bishop & Associates’ research, what kind of a year Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: Military Market

In this issue’s Facts & Figures column, the military market is showing slow growth but is still very profitable. The military connector market is large, achieving $3.2 billion in sales in 2014. The following table provides connector sales by geographic region for 2013 and 2014. The North American market, mostly US, accounts for approximately 50% Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: 2014 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers for Delivery

The results of the 2014 Bishop & Associates Customer Survey are in, and in this issue we reveal the 2014 top 10 connector manufacturers for delivery. Bishop & Associates’s Customer Survey asks connector users to evaluate 46 connector manufacturers. A total of 455 of your peers answered 20 questions relating to important issues such as quality, Read More >>