Molex ML-XT System for Commercial Vehicles

The Molex ML-XT Sealed Connection System delivers market-leading seal technology for the commercial vehicle market. Molex Incorporated introduced its ML-XT Sealed Connection System, a highly reliable, securely sealed solution that minimizes electricalRead More

Smiths Interconnect Transformer Connector

Smiths Connectors’ Transformer Connector allows engineers to tailor interconnect solutions to the demands of individual applications. Smiths Connectors launched its new Transformer Connector Range, an innovative family of high-density modular connectors thatRead More

Amphenol 9-Way AT Circular Series

The Amphenol 9-way AT circular series features a smaller flange and is designed for use in the heavy equipment industry. Amphenol Industrial Products Group has enhanced its 9-way AT circular series receptacle lineRead More

Problem Solved: ITT’s VEAM Connector in Rail Applications

February 19, 2013 – In the highly competitive world of train manufacturing, there is increasing demand to replace the relatively large heavy metal connectors inside the cable car with smaller and lighter ones that still meet the strict smoke- and fire-resistant standards mandated by the industry. To meet these requirements, ITT’s Interconnect Solutions team created the VEAM Rectangular Plastic Connector.